Re: Solly's Has Been Sold?

Heard this afternoon that the owners of Chances have bought Solly’s, staff are let go at the end of the month…anybody else heard this?

I would hate to see Solly’s as something other than a neighbourhood pub and a friendly place to hang out, with good food, watch the game, shoot pool, maybe even have a pop or two.

heard someone else telling me about this rumor but not that its sold but it being on the market. hopefully if it does sell and its chances buying it maybe theyll buy the apartments too and make condos lol.

It;s been on the market for quite a while now. Would be nice if the apartments would sell as well.

I heard chances are trying to buy The CRest also

The wife of the former owner of Solly’s is the new Superintendent of SD 52.  Maybe he moved back from the Okanagan too and bought the old place back.

Doubt it.

fat chance  :smiley:

It will be nice to see them again, she was and probably is still a great teacher. I hope she does well in her new position. Welcome home.

Who has been hired as Superintendant? … 006.0.html … 016.0.html

Would hate to see Chances take over the The Crest…
Chances is so tacky …

No way…no how.

Chances has bought the liquor licence for Solly’s , they are leasing the buidling for 18 months.

Well it is too bad that the Hauptman’s are not buying solly’s back again.  I worked for them back then and it was a good family atmosphere among the staff.  Glad to see Lynn got the job.

that truth or rumor?
what will they do after the 18 months?

i heard that crest is doing the cold beer and wine with their own license at maverick mart

Maybe Chances won the place at the video poker tables…

About Solly’s true about Crest Beer and Wine true, rumour ;;; Chances is moving the beer and wine from Solly’s closer to town … I heard5 corners.

Well then this would make our town into a real drinkin kind of town. Why not just pick some of the empty stores, buildings and open them up. I guess the people who own chances want to provide and stay with the people who have lost their shirt in the joint. May as well keep them drunk. Unbelievable ! :imp:

what are your sources ? and are you saying what is true or false it doesn’t seem clear the way you said it.

if they move sollys beer and wine are they keeping sollys in its current location? not like we need another drinking hole downtown its nice on the eastside keeps all the downtown riff raff out lol

ok clarified it with a friend who works there

chances bought it and gonna run it.
cold beer and wine 5 corners.
maybe the menu will be spiced up a bit i like both menus anyway.
at least ill  be getting a cold beer and wine at maverick a block away lol