Re: Registered Massage Therapists

Looking for an RMT.  Does anybody know of one in PR?


cornerstone wellness center

I’ve tried calling Cornerstones.  The first appointment they had available is weeks away.  I took it but would really like to get in sooner.  Any other RMTs around?

Michaela Keane is a very good massage therapist but she is not registered.

You could also consider physiotherapy depending on what your needs are.  I have a bad back and Karen Skarpnes of the Prince Rupert Physiotherapy Clinic has helped me for the last 20 years.

i think her name is fait shes right by the bank of nova scotia . chiropractor might help.

or joanna bishop might still do it. or rick bautista at shear pleasure took a course i think

I went to Cornerstone Wellness for a deep muscle massage a few years ago. All I got was one of those touchy-feely surface massages, and while it was pleasant, it wasn’t what I was looking for.

As far as chiropractic is concerned it is extremely suspect as it fits in the “alternative medicine” genre of medicine an hasn’t proven to be an effective for any medical results.

Joanna is Zen Massage, she is excellent, I’ll pm her number for you

My first time on! 'Love this idea. Regarding chiropractors, yeah …some of those manipulations are CRAZY to witness, not alone experience.Having said that, I needed one a few years ago and it did do the trick .

I had one of those CRAZY experiences years back in Ontario. I developed an allergy to some , still unknown, substance so the Doc sent me to this guy :unamused:  He thought it might be bleach so he places a drop of bleach in a bottle, places it on my belly and tells me if it rolls off then I am allergic.  I was so tired of all this crap so I snuck a little burp, it rolled off, problem solved.  True story !!

maybe i read that wrong but wtf lol

And for what reason did you have the manipulation. Personally I wouldn’t go to any chiropractor unless they had a diploma in sports medicine.

I go to Lutz and Marshall. Have been going for years. When my back really gets to me, it’s awesome.

As far as chiropractic is concerned it is extremely suspect as it fits in the “alternative medicine” genre of medicine an hasn’t proven to be an effective for any medical results.

After thirty plus years of random sports injuries and a ‘chronic’ bad lower back, I have been helped by chiropractic adjustments ten times more often than by any doctors or physiotherapist have ever been able to, and I have been to many. But it really depends on what your condition and injury is and the preference of the individual, so ‘to each their own.’ Chiropractors are out there for very good reason, and a good one could possibly help you. We are actually quite fortunate to have three good ones in town.

I was sort of scared to go to a chiropractor for the longest time.  I spent years with hip and back problems.  I went to the doctor, I got xrays done, I went to a physiotherapist (who told me I had to work on my core-which if I was told that NOW, I might believe, but at 19 and in the best shape of my life, it seemed a little odd), all with no relief.  I went through two very painful pregnancies, during which my midwife kept on telling me to go to a chiropractor, but I didn’t, because I was scared, and because my doctor never told me to.

Long story short… as soon as I DID go to a chiropractor (down south) the first thing he said to me was “Did you have troubles with your pregnancies and deliveries?” and he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with me, and described all of my pain and problems I had been having before I even said much to him.

It took a lot of treatments to get my back straightend out, since I had spent so many years with the problem, but once the intitial treatments sessions were done, my life and health totally improved.  Now, I need to go back once every month or two, depending on if I throw my hip out or not. I currently use Dr. Fait, and she’s wonderful, though it freaked me out the first time she did a neck manipulation 'cause I had never had one before!

On a side note, that first chiro also figured out that I had a food allergy and was able to solve some digestive problems that I had been dealing with for years as well.  That part was a fluke, it was just a co-incidence that he had the same food allergy and noticed that I had the same symptoms.

Sooooo, in case you can’t tell, I’m totally FOR Chiropractors, and would recommend them to anyone who has tried other avenues and didn’t find relief.

I’ve never gone to a Chiropractor but I have considered it for back issues. No WAY someone is manipulating my neck though. Just the thought of it scares the hell out of me.

With you pulling those crazy moves that you did in high school Mike , you are going to need to see one soon.

I was skiing at Shames a few years and hit a tree with my hip. When a hip (irregular shaped bone) goes out of wack (your first time), a visit to your GP seems futile. No drug he/she can prescribe will be as effective(or is it affective) than some sort of adjustment. But NNNOOOOOneck adjustments for this dude. :astonished:

I’ve had a number of friends who swear by chiropractic. However they seem in as much pain now as before, and none have ever been cured of their problem. They just keep going back for a temporary relief which hardly ever lasts for much more than a week.

If it’s back problems, it’s likely because they have no core muscles. You need core muscles to keep your back straight, and therefore keep your back in place. So if you’ve got shitty posture, and no muscles to keep you upright, you’re going to throw your back out of alignment shortly after each adjustment. LOL
I know, because I’ve been in that predicament.

I’ve had my neck adjusted, it’s nothing to be scared of. The sound is a bit unnerving though… CRACK! yeah… kind of freaky. But the relief it gives… aaahhh yeah…