Re: New store in the mall

The Rupert Square is getting at least ONE if not TWO new stores in the next little bit. One will occupy the old Saan, Shutter Shack/Prints Rupert, Four Season’s space, and the other will take over the old Dollar Store space.

Thank god for that. The mall looks like a ghost town now with all those empty spaces.


Shutter Shack?? Did that store close recently?

Shutter Shack?? Did that store close recently?

No, it just moved to first Ave across from the museum.

[quote=“CrazyMike”]Thank god for that. The mall looks like a ghost town now with all those empty spaces.


just a bit of sarcasm, “thank mall security for that”, lol they’re over paid, and under worked!! and take their jobs too seriously, it’s not like they have a “real” badge. :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue: or a real purpose, I’ve reported one guy, shoplifting 2x while shopping, get this, nothing was done!

truenorth71 wrote:

Hmmmm, overweight and under worked!


Oh, I better watch out, they might take me outside and put the rubber clubs to me!

I wonder why they even have security…technically I have never seen them chase down a shoplifter (LOL, that would be a sight to see :laughing: )…only ppl I have seen them accost are FN ppl who are going on about their business!!

Who know’s the mall may just close down cuz the rents so high!!

Dont get me started on the mall… I try to stay out of there as much as possible. The Poo Brown tiles and dark paint, combined with no outside lighting in the hallways or stores, sets off a gross gloomy feel, that only the [R] can produce. I mean, it would be well worth the investment, to put in a few skylights on the top floor… paint all the walls white, and replace the brown tiles with something grey or white… it would attract more people for sure.

Don’t forget they carry handcuffs sometimes and neither is qualified to. The fact they have used handcuffs previously could get them in a ton 'o doo-doo

The TD Bank reportedly strong armed the security guards in regard to a patron of TD who entered via the TD side doors and the security tried to enter the bank and remove them because that person was banned from the mall. Keep in mind the security staff was video taping while standing just outside the TD doors on the inside of the mall :exclamation: you don’t do that in a bank! Especially after the bank manager politely “asks” you to stop taping. lol you kinda get where this is going…“Stop video taping, leave our patron alone OR ELSE!”

too funny - with rent as high as it is there i dunno why they don’t just make that place a parking lot and put a Starbucks right in the middle of it. :laughing: I mean it’s only a matter of time before they go under at this rate - you can’t bill the remaining clients to compensate for the merchants that left ROFL

Yeah they need light in there bad too :bulb:

edit: I forgot to add they seized the video tape :smiley:

I wonder what their reason was for building the mall on the waterfront with no windows. I mean they could have built a beautiful mall there overlooking the harbour instead its a big grey box. Great designers :unamused:

They didn’t want the merchants having access to easily-accessible, un-monitored avenues for suicide in light of high rent

They get away with it because the mall is private property and the owners don’t seem to care what the mall management is doing. It’s actually kind of sad these guys working security don’t seem to understand what kind of trouble they can get themselves into. It’s not the handcuff’s so much as it is the steel baton most of them carry. I use one of those at work and we get a LOT of training on how to use them. One strike with that baton in the wrong place can cause serious harm or even death. These guys have no training in how to use it or when to use it as the provincially mandated security training doesn’t address the use of weapons for defence.

One wrong move with one of those things and not only are they going to be criminally liable for thier actions but they and the mall will both be liable in civil court as well.


no there are windows but most of them are covered up by walls

in the old radio shack location the managers office had a window looking out

either way its still a stupid design, they should have made the entire wall overlooking the ocean out of glass.

See that design for the new building in Vancouver? The washrooms are on the outside of the very top floor and you actually piss against the window! Like off a cliff!

That’s basically the most awesome thing ever.

When you goto malls in Vancouver for instance, they have a nice big food court, with floor to ceiling windows on both sides, not to mentions that the entire roof is made up of a network of skylights… The bottom floor is opened up to the light with a huge corridor running in between the first and second floors. sometimes even the third… thus providing natural light to the entire mall. It’s just unfortunate to say that the disigner of the Rupert Square, must have been pretty sick or something, cause his designing looks like shit. I just hope the same sick person isnt hired for the new mall… and I would love to see the Rupert Square torn down to rebuild the park that was once there.

hear hear… I second that… :smiley:


no there are windows but most of them are covered up by walls

in the old radio shack location the managers office had a window looking out[/quote]

Also where Sight and Sound used to be, where the place that Smartass works now I believe, is all windows too, but the walls cover them up.

I recall going into Sight and Sound and seeing windows and having a nice view from there.