Re: New format

So, it looks like HTMF has undergone a drastic makeover!  How long has this been in the planning, MiG?

It’s just a trial run… checking to see what’s gnarlier using this forum than the old one  :mrgreen:

Yeah, this is gnarly alright.

Still going to try a few different themes.  But so far, so good!  Nifty!

The image gallery will be down for a bit until I can get that working too.

It confuses me. 

I don’t know where the new post are.  I like being able to see the most recent posts.

Yeah me too.

I’ll make it so – I like having the “last 10 posts” and stuff like that.

It’s easy enough to code up. 

i like the layout! nicely done mig.  :sunglasses:

Nice clean looking display, going to be a little hard to navigate for the first bit, but hey new tricks, old dogs sometimes go together nicely.

Only draw back for me, is I lose out on the free plug I had for my blog. It tended to steer a few hits my way from day to day, now people will have to actively seek it out, boo hoo much easier when you get to take them by the hand and drop them at your site.Â

Oh well, Such is the cost of progress I suppose.

I’ll put all that stuff back as soon as I figure out how to make a sidebar :wink:

I’m into it, nice job MiG.

Seconded. All of a sudden, reading HTMF is too much work.

Just need to scroll :wink:


Hmmm…this is a new look and I agree with others above that it is confusing.  Yes, one just needs to scroll, but shouldn’t you make the job of the reader less work, not more.

As soon as I get some time, I’ll move the “latest posts” bit up top. 

Is this partly due to the endless attacks on phpBB? I know several major hosts have changed to SMF as their included BBS system.

I am so averagely versed in computer/internet stuff that change frightens me :astonished: but this does look good. It does seem better for shortcuts, once you get the hang of it. But, do get that latest posts thing going again.

Man, sometimes I long for my old typewriter.

[move]The format I think will take a little getting [shadow=red,left]used to I think[/shadow], but for the most part I like it. The different [glow=red,2,300]accessories are neat[/glow][/move]  :mrgreen:

Yes, partly, and the constant patching.

SMF also has much better RSS feeds and customization, especially with respect to permissions.

I’ll move the latest post stuff this weekend, perhaps try a few other themes.

Love the new side boxes. I’m looking forward to seeing how you fit cheese in there.

The board time is messing me up.  It’s really 10:11 pm and the board says 10:45.

The avatar dimensions must be slightly different, because I notice that a lucky few of us have scroll bars!