Re: New format

I’m going insane on the themes business.

Eventually people will be able to have their own themes.

I’ll fix the time now.

I can tell, everytime Ive been here today its been slightly different. Have to hack on the PHP code much on this? Or is it built into some nice pointy clicky interface?

Heh, if you’ve been watching, you’ve been seeing all the little mistakes I’ve made :wink:

I love editing php live.  I’m going to try to make it show recent topics instead of recent posts.

I’m with you on this one poolboy, but we’ll all get used to it I’m sure.

Ok, on the old site, it was actually latest TOPICS that was on the top of the front page, not latest POSTS. 

So I’ve done the magical RSS feed thingie to put the last 12 TOPICS on the top, and for those who are interested, scrolling down the page shows the last 12 POSTS.

I think I’ll stick with this theme as well, as it’s pretty snazzy and readable.

How does it look on IE for Windows?

Is anyone actually going to admit they checked?  I haven’t… my computer is screwed up enough right now without running IE.

<3 SMF.
Especially its permission management and package system.

Okay, I’m sure I’ll get used to the new format.  It’ll just take me a little time.  But I want to know where you find the cool things like the scrolling text and the colour stuff.  I’m jealous.

I run both IE and Firefox, and it looks good using both.

Is this yet another trial run, or is this the funal look for the site?

MiG you should link the htmf logo back to the home page. The home button’s really tiny at 1600x1200.

Good idea.  Done.

Yes, this is going to be the final theme, I think.

One question regarding replying to messages.  With the first new format, there was a bunch of text editing tools, but with this one, all there is is the group of emoticons.  There is no boldtype, underline, italics, etc.

Are we going to be getting those back?

Those are still there, they work fine.  I just thought they cluttered up things.  And I didn’t want to encourage a lot of flashing, beeping, moving text.

You can still do all the bbcode stuff, though, it’s not disabled.

Like [move]hello this is fricken cool, yet annoying[/move]

Take a look here for the codes: … tml#bbcref

I like this one:

[ – Prince Rupert’s web forum]HTMF[/acronym]

Were some members erased?  It seems we have less now than before. 
Also, when posting, I can’t see any tags for images, url, etc…
I know the works because I used it to post a pic. 

See the post just above yours. All the codes still work.

I didn’t want a bunch of button encouraging people to have crazy flashy posts, like:


And having all those buttons was kind of cluttery. They all still work, though.Â

Also, I’ve deleted anybody who hasn’t logged in during the last year or so.



Cool layout man  :smiley:

wheres the htmf dog?

Sorry MiG,  I made the rookie mistake of not reading the preceding posts. 

Yea,  the new format rocks.  Is it easier to manage for you?  I see from the stats that you already spent 10+ hours on it :wink:

Ok I surrender. Now I know it’s a conspiracy to force me to write code.
By mac users.
How ironic!