Re: Microsoft Office 2007

Does anyone know where I can get a product key? I’m not interested in paying 400 dollars for software.

This isn’t the place to talk about piracy :wink:

But if you don’t want to pay for software, check out

Really? I thought eveyone used to talk about piracy on here… or was I just out of the loop??

Sure, we can talk about piracy.

But while having a discussion about a socioeconomic issue is cool, providing illegal goods is criminal.

Well put.

Has anyone had the chance to use Office 2007 yet? I haven’t, I’m just interested in trying it out. Any good/bad reviews?

Well, as MiG stated a few posts back why not try out Open Office?
It is a free, legal clone of Microsoft Office that is compatible with MS formats.  That is, using OO you can open, modify and save MS word docs.  You can also create and save documents in the MS .doc format.  Open Office 2.1 is mature and stable I’ve used it for several years and highly recommend it.  It is a relatively large download of about 96 MB.

I remember listening to Kim Komando’s radio show a while back when she was talking about MS Office.  She said that most people only use about 1% of any of those program’s features.  Now granted, I’m sure she’s exaggerating, but nevertheless she makes an excellent point.

More often than not, when MS releases a new version of their office software, they’re simply packing it with more features that the average consumer doesn’t even know exist, let alone use.  For most people, anything as far back as 97 works just fine.  I’m sure Open Office is great and does everything you could will likely ever need.

Maybe instead of treating this place based on what you think it used to be you should just take part in what it is?


and how would she now if she didnt ask the question?
KristiAnne are you physic are you a claravoint do you have the gift. I guess not if you asked a simple question. and for that matter mike dont get all ritchus about her question about illegal software downloading. Mig made it clear already.
30 % or more stuff thats brought up on the forum is put into the wastland :astonished:

That number will significantly go down once yngwie stops posting here.

and how would she now if she didnt ask the question?[/quote]

Before you go flaming me Astro how about you learn to read?

  • She asked the question
  • Mig responded that we don’t do that here
  • She responded, which I quoted in my reply, with:

Add to that the other threads in which she goes on about how she used to post here and how things used to be great and you get my point. . which in case you missed it was to stop looking at what HTMF used to be and take part in what it is.


LOL :smiley:

I get 3 or 4 people a week come into the store and ask why I won’t burn them a free copy of Windows or Office. 2 or 3 of those ask if I can sell them Bit Torrent and show them how to get it free themselves.
The Student/Teacher version of Office 2007 sells for around $150. cheap.

That’s a good deal:-)

yeah especially when Bit Torrent costs $199  :smiley:

You should sell them Bit Torrent Ultimate x64 for $499.99.

I’m sorry Mike, have I offended you by saying that I enjoyed it here before when people around my were the majority instead of the majority? I am entitled to my opinion and unless you have a problem with me personally I don’t see why you should criticize me for what I said. That said, I would also like to comment on Astrothugs’ post. It was very humorous… but maybe I’m biased. Anyways Mike, aren’t there any other 19 year old girls you could go pick on? Or am I the closest you’ll get?

Thank you, I will download Open Office. I might try the trial of Office 2007 and maybe I will post about how I feel about the changes  :sunglasses:

You are very welcome:-)  Open Office also comes with Impress ( copy of MS Power Point) and the other components of MS office.  I think you’ll like it.  Yes, I’d be interested to hear what you think of Office 2007.  I’m using Word 2003 on my XP Pro box, so I’m curious about the changes. :smiley: