Re: Maverick Mart - Beer and Wine Store?

Has anyone else heard this one?  There’s been excavators and other equipment working at Maverick Mart the last week or so and now today I hear that there’s a Beer and Wine store going in.  Isn’t there a requirement to get community input on something like that?  Nobody asked me and I live really close.

Thats great news it will be handy out that way for people…
Gotta love things that are handy.

I’ve heard that the Crest was in on it.  I’ve also heard of other people in the area upset that there was no community imput on it since it’s a residential area. 

Didn’t mean to have you think I wasn’t supporting it, just that no one asked!  I think it will be great so for moments like right now I can just hop down the street for some brew.

The Crest in on it how interesting…

I guess the days of input are over re: Gordon Campbells Liberals…

But I do think it’s handy for folks gotta love that …

any projected finishing date

March is what I hear, but who knows…always later than the date expecited.

Just thought of something.  Now I won’t have to wait for someone to come to my door asking for cans and bottles.  I will be able to take them back myself, without having to drive my car.  How great is that?

funny i never heard till now

one thing about Rupert those stores cannot lose

It should do well  

There you go its better for the enviroment as well

What does that have to do with what would be a municipal rezoning resolution?

I usually try and keep an eye in the paper for any ads about rezoning … none were made that I saw. I think though that there was something a couple of years ago, about changing the rezoning for a beer and wine store. Maybe it was put on the shelf because of the economic climate at the time and now the plans are being renewed? i wonder if there is a time limit on the rezoning, ie if the rezoning is approved but the project doesn’t start for a few years?

It may very well fall under an extension of the industrial park. Also, I don’t think that the area can be called “residential”. There are homes there, but there’s also William’s, and Maverick, and the SPCA, and several other non-residential properties. The whole area may already be set aside as a space for possible business development.

That area used to be the highway into town so the zoning may already be already in place for commercial/light industrial.

Crest Hotel = Steve Smith, re-zoning  mmmmmmmmm!

Steve Smith no longer manages the Crest, and nor does he live in Prince Rupert.

Crest Hotel has the beer and wine License, Maverick has the space; Simple.

As for those individuals who never heard about it, that’s your problem… the owners of both due not have to tell the residents in the  area.

Its up to the residents in the area to voice there concerns to City hall…

I also live right across from Maverick  and I also have concerns regarding a Beer and whine store so close to a school, and BC Housing.

Earlier Quote  Regarding Liberals

What its about is Gordon is attempting to privatize everything…so lots of licenses are being permitted…

he still part owns the place …

The BC Housing comment sounds a bit harsh…  what does it matter whether its BC Housing or any ohter apartment blocks…?