Re: Mac Mini

Ok I’m going to get a Mac. I’m tired of building my own PC stuff, like really tired of it…and I dont want to buy an off the shelf PC…

I have two options, the iMac, or the Mini.

I have already invested in really good keyboard, mouse and I just bought a really nice 19" flat screen about 7 months ago and I dont really want to give those up, especially the keyboard and screen.

90% of my computer time at home is web or ssh into servers at work, with misc other things. Wife doesnt use it except to pay bills and a bit of shopping online.

Daughter uses a game site called VMK that she is on every day, its a game done in Flash run by Disney.

I would like to play around with some video stuff as it seems pretty easy on a Mac to do, and get more into digital pics. I dont know if a Mini has the oomph to do video stuff compared to an iMac though.

A 20" iMac is about 1700, Mini is just over $1k.

I cant find how much video ram the mini has compared to an iMac.

Anyway for basic use, you apple folks out there give me a recommendation?


20" mac all the way man, Why would you want a mac mini ? The imac is faster and nicer.

With mac mini you have to buy a screen and keyboard and mouse,

Imac comes with all that and a nice beautiful screen :smile:

You will love the Imac.


Yes, the new iMacs are wonderful.  I have one of the first flat style iMac and I love it.  It’s a great computer.

I suggested becase it will be perfect, plus he can install windows or linux’s if he wanted to.

I agree, the iMac looks pretty good to me.

I am sure I would like the iMac, but as I said, I already have a very nice 19" LCD that I bought barely 7 months ago, and the keyboard I have is one I like very much and paid over $55 for it last year. Its very comfortable, very quiet and has a nice tactile touch and I can really type well on it.

Seems kind of a shame to get rid of them, especially the keyboard as it has to be the best one Ive used in years, thats why I was thinking of the mini.

Though I probably will go for the iMac in the end.

  • Go for the iMac – you can still use the external display as a second screen (that’s what I do)

  • It has a better video card, so you can use it for gaming (you can boot into XP for that)

  • you can still use your own keyboard and mouse (while the Apple keyboard is nice, I can’t use the Apple mouse, 'cause it only recognizes the right-click if you lift your left finger first).

  • If you want, the Russians ™ have a lot of software for you to um… try before you buy.

Go for the imac, and use your beloved Keyboard, Give the Kid the machine that you are replacing it with :smile:


This feature only works for selected People.!

That’s a mystery to me:  How can a company that design incredibly user friendly computers with so many cool and functional features get it wrong all the time with the mouse?  I boggles my mind!

It’s both the mouse and the user’s hand, I have one at work that works but doesn’t its a picky mouse to use. Personally they are nice to have ( bluetooth ones ) but a BITCH to use with photoshop.

I still use m Logitech mouse that i bough 7 years ago, with the changed led. I personally can’t find any thing that works as accurate as this one.

Well, the mouse is just fine.  In fact, it’s great – you can program different parts of the mouse to do different things.  The scroll wheel works in more than one dimension.  It’s an awesome mouse.

But my muscle-memory is stuck on the right-click including the left finger resting on the mouse.  This just can’t work with the sensor on the Mac mouse.  I’ve watched a lot of people right-clicking in my life, and most people actually lift their left finger a little bit when right-clicking.  It’s fine for them.  In fact, I could program the Mac mouse to interpret my actions as a right-click, but then I miss the middle-click for Firefox.

Other than that, Mac OS X is designed to work with just one mouse button, and there are a bunch of human interface studies that back that up – it’s much easier to learn than 2 mouse-buttons. 

No matter how much I think it’s intuitive to right-click for a context menu, along comes another otherwise intelligent person who just doesn’t get when to left click, when to right-click, when to double-click, etc.

I have yet to find a page that needs to be scrolled to left or right.

Maybe not webpages, but how about Google Earth or Google Maps?  Or in Illustrator or Photoshop?  Really complex Excel spreadsheets?

Scroll wheels are great for web surfing, but there are a lot of apps where you have to go left and right as well.

I think what I’ve learned in the last 10 years or so is not to assume everybody else is like me or uses their computer like I do.

I guess, however i didn’t know it would be good for photoshop i could try and see if i would like it or not.

Spread sheets would be great.

I do love the new keyboards that mac just released, those rock, i don’t like how small it is for the wireless one, they dropped the keypad :frowning: i use that so much, GRR. Oh well.

Don’t trash out the mini. It’s a matter of $500 or $1200.
Like the man tried to tell you he’s already got the LCD and the keyboard & mouse, just like me.
So I could justify the mini, and the big guy will be my next computer purchase now I’m sold on Macs. But I’m not a gamer so the video card means little to me, I think mines 64MB Intel950 or something, good enough.
The mini can always get passed on later.
Just don’t buy it on fucking credit. Don’t get me started man…


However Lepoard 10.5 runs better with more video memory, something the mini’s are lacking.

So is the “scroll wheel” on a newer Apple mouse a ball?

Can it be scrolled in two directions? Or can it be scrolled at wild angles (down and left simultaneously, or stuff like that)?

Yeah, it’s basically a tiny ball.  Goes in any direction.  I’m sure serious designers and people like that really like the ability to scroll around a big photoshop document in any direction, etc.

I think I might sell mine on ebay. 

Also, if I didn’t already have a tiny keyboard, the new wireless keyboard is pretty cool:

I guess I’m unlike other geeks when it comes to keyboards.  Most people like the full travel keys (the IBM clicker one, for example), but I kinda like keys I barely tap.  I have a little Zippy keyboard at work.

i already have a 20" imac for myself

but i plan on getting a mac mini to replace the windoze pc that my wife and stepkids use
i also looked at the differance between imac and mac mini for another computer
and my thought is… say after all warrenties expire and the screen dies
cheep to replace with a new lcd on the mini VS sending imac back to apple