Re: How are you voting in the May 12th Election?

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There are 4 people who seem to be a bit slow on the uptake. Interesting.


I have a feeling Gary Coons is mostly likely the game winner in the North Coast riding. Less likely Herb Pond will pull an upset, given the sheer number of p*ssed off people who’re dissatisfied with his job as Mayor.

But anyhow, I’m dithering whether I should vote in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding, or take a little extra hassle to register as new voter in Vancouver-Fraserview where I currently reside for two weeks now.

Vancouver-Fraserview is a very interesting riding because all three parties had parachuted star candidates in here.

I want to vote for Jodie Emery for the lulz, but this election is way too serious to ruin.

I’m curious how close this poll will be to the actual results. The polls here versus the results of the real election always seem quite different. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate this one turns out to be. :smile:

Yeah, true.

This forum is mostly pro-NDP afterall, so I doubt this poll reflect the opinions of the rest of Rupert.

Where is the Pro Lib. forum???

Why wouldn’t the HTMF poll be representative of Rupert? Rupert has been “pro-NDP” for some 40 years, with the exception of Belsey’s victory in 2001. That, I believe, qualifies the city as an NDP stronghold. Now, I’m not saying Herb can’t win this election but I think it is more likely that the HTMF poll IS representative of Rupert than it is not.

I always kind of think of htmf participants as folks that would rather read about a near riot at the carnival  than actually participate in one… but that could just be me… :imp:

I wonder if facebook is pro-NDP? 

It’s like saying 4chan is representative of most internet users in the world.

I don’t think so, but I think Facebook is pro-nerdy Mac/Linux people… I think… maybe…

[size=1]oh sh*t, not that baseball bat MiG… [/size]

Because they’ve rarely been accurate in the past. Take a look at the poll for the recent municpal election to see what I’m talking about.


I’d say HTMF has successfully predicted elections.  Including Mussallem vs Scott, and Coons versus Belsey, as well as Cullen’s previous two elections.

ya think … It couldn’t be any more non biased.

And facebook is biased too, right? 

As is: … ng/noc.php

and: … ction.html


You’d have to be in serious denial to think that the prediction is that Herb Pond will win the riding.   Or perhaps all those sources are biased too.

If he does win, then yes, all those predictions are wrong.  But I haven’t seen a serious prediction that has Herb winning the seat. 

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that the incumbent Mr. Coons would be considered the favourite, he won the last election with a plurality of votes totalling over 1600.

And for the most part he hasn’t provided for anything of scandal, been a fairly effective advocate for the shadow cabinet position he was put as ferries critic, so stumblebum he hasn’t been.

It’s interesting to note that the Liberal campaign has taken on the theme of moving away from the “negativity”, apparently unaware that the role of the critic or opposition is to actually find fault with the government positions of the day (at times not a stretch it would seem)

The former Mayor instead of hammering away on what he might be able to do for the riding instead has adopted the Liberal position of challenging the opposition, strange position for a would be government side MLA.

Other than saying the Premier was responsible for the Port coming here (which he really wasn’t but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good visual op), there hasn’t been much from the candidate as to how voting Liberal would be a better move.

With doctors leaving the Northwest at a pretty rapid clip (along with a lot of the general population) there is no discussion on what they will do to change that dynamic.

The latest talking point is that of more jobs for the Northwest and Prince Rupert, yet as Mayor there wasn’t exactly a move to bring industry here, other than the always entertaining gaming centre topic.

If the Mayor had perhaps had a bit of success on that issue during his six years on council then maybe that talking point would be a bit more helpful, as it is during his time as mayor taxes went up, businesses closed, people moved away and the industrial and commercial sectors have retreated quite a bit, and then there were the controversial moments of his term as Mayor just before his jump to provincial politics. 

Sure its not all his fault, he was Mayor during difficult times, but hey if you’re going to run against the other guys record, somebody is going to point out yours as well.

Rather than general observations on education, health and the economy, the Liberals might be better off outlining concrete measures that their candidate could bring to the riding, so far all they seem to have done is suggest that the other guy complains too much, which in the parliamentary system we have actually is his job as opposition member.

1600 votes to chase down is a big number, you need more than photo ops and candy floss statements to overcome it, they have what six days left, might be a little late but perhaps a little more substance to the discussion would help narrow that gap.

Thanks for the insight and link, Podunkian.

Interesting tidbit: “In 2001, voter turnout in North Coast was 66.3 per cent – the eight lowest in the province.”

Perhaps voter turnout will be the wildcard?

Thanks for the information, ThePodunkian!
Get out and vote HTMF!
Advance polling is available from Tomorrow until Saturday, 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. at the Prince Rupert Public Library.  I will vote tomorrow. :smile:

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