Re: Herb pond signs!

I think it’s funny that Soggy says “Herb Pond’s signs are corrugated plastic” and Hotmaildotcom says “Wrong! They’re coroplast!” 

The Liberals will sell anything or anyone if he could make some cash…
Go Gary Go

My neighbour has a greenhouse that is covered in coroplast, he loves it’s durability and thinks it will last forever,just when does this stuff biodegrade???

Depending on thickness — three to five years.

I am just wondering which of the signs can be used again in the next election should a candidate win (or even lose). 
Were the Green signs left over from the federal election.  I don’t see Lisa’s name on any of them.

So I guess it is okay as long as it makes a dollar. Seems like poor reasoning to me.

Aboriginal man with a tear running down his cheek

I don’t follow your drift Max Power

Obviously not everyone thinks that selling the rivers and oil tankers in Hecate Strait is a bad thing.  Herb Pond thinks its a good thing, doesn’t he?  

Also, here’s the post I think is funny.  Soggy:  Herb Pond’s signs are corrugated plastic.  You:  NO! They’re Coroplast!

Duh.  I think you didn’t realize coroplast was corrugated plastic.

Am I not allowed to have an opinion here?  Or do I have to conform to the socialist ideals of this forum first?[/quote]

What?  Now you’re complaining because people disagree with you? 

Socialist ideals of this forum?

Clearly you have an opinion, and are posting it.  Nobody’s stopping you.

But others are allowed to disagree with you as well.  Is that what you think a “socialist ideal” is? 

You’ll find you tend to do better when you stop calling people names.  If you don’t like HTMF, then yeah, go ahead and call us names, you’ll find you’re not wanted here.

Personally, I think you’re just extremely embarrassed because you didn’t realize coroplast was plastic.  Ha!

Funny thing is that the Coroplast company says something else in their environmental statement about their product. They talk about reduce (corrogated, so less plastic is needed), reuse (durability) and recycle (as a widely used polypropylene copolymer).

I think my vote goes to Soggy on this exchange. Coroplast is owned, by the way, by Jimmie Pattison. Perhaps the Liberal’s purchasing decision was more about ‘shop local’ than biodegradeability. 

Then why did you say this: “Am I not allowed to have an opinion here?  Or do I have to conform to the socialist ideals of this forum first?”

Did someone stop you from having an opinion? 

Because if you’d like, I can ban you from here, so that you can have something legitimate to complain about.  All you have to do is insult me personally.  Try it.

And because you asked for it, here’s my spin:

As per your request, hotmaildotcom, I’ve removed your account. 

Hmmm, not sure what walking away from the debate does, though it does add some drama to the usual run of the mill posts I guess…

Wow. That whole exchange kind of reminded me of the movie, Watchmen, where Dr. Manhattan destroys Rorschach.

Hmmmm reminds me of an exchange I had a year or 2 ago.  These were personal messages?  Or because the account was deleted all of his posts go with him?

I guess the Pond Team really feel that people supporting Coons have done the damage to their signs… I honestly cannot see that, how do others feel.
I think it was senseless vandelism. Anyway I am amazed they left Mc Bride alone.
McBride was over done by Herb… 

there is to much herb around town

we need more herb its better than crack  :smiley: