Re: Herb pond signs!

I never seen so manny herb pond signs before, mcbride street has  them stack three signs  high crazzy? i might just have to vote for pond!

He who has the most signs wins?

Pond is not cheap, i like that!

The best herb pond signs are at

Very classy.

Herb pond signs are annoying me.

Like repetition is goign to make me change my vote.

Its ridiculous! He obviously is not very green… :stuck_out_tongue:    He shouldve donated some of the money he’s using for advertising to the salvation army, SPCA, or something! Buy some votes herb! Jeez!  :smiley:

It’s just a small example of how wasteful Liberals are…  We dont need to see Herb’s mug every few feet in the community…

Isn’t the highrise sign by McBride and ninth too close to the polls??

Herb  will be able to do way more when liberals win, coons can just conplain  all he wants but has no power!

We would get more done here with pond in than the power less coons.

Just like Bill Belsey.  Who presided (along with Herb) over the greatest decline Prince Rupert has ever seen. 

Herb would simply be a yes man for Gordo…
Gary and a strong NDP force can oppose all the cuts and privatization that Gordo is planning.
Herb will have to tow the party line… If we were in Vancouver Liberal MLAs have power there but in the north the NDP are our best choice whether NDP leads the Province or not…
The Liberal Party feel that the province stops at the lower mainland and Victoria.

Gary has a few things on herb pond. common sense, integrity, honesty and he’s not afraid to set you straight on a subject if you are wrong.  Herb on the other hand dances around a subject and says nothing.  Yes he would do well with Gordon Campbell.  He can run and get his coffee, and say yes gordie.  Thats all he is good for.

See Herb every 2 feet today, if he gets voted in we will never see him again.He wanted to give us all a farewell, HERE’S MY FACE PLEASE DON’T FORGET IT  Victoria will be his home…Sure glad it is all over today, so tired of seeing he face plasterd threw town…

Seen him walking the mall a few days ago,  slow day in the mall but a few people.  You could tell he was looking around to see if people were looking at him.  To me he just seems like a plastic ken doll looking for attention.

I am glad it’s all over today too…  Go Gary Go!!
Herb go clean up your mess of signs and good bye!!

Herby, you simply want the job way too much! LOL!

Herb’s signs are corrugated plastic also.

Coroplast is corrugated plastic.  Duh.

[quote=“HotmailDOTCom”]Now who is being more environmentally conscious? 

Herb Pond supports open-net fish farms.  Herb Pond supports oil tankers in Hecate Strait.  Herb Pond supports selling rivers for private interests.

I think that trumps your corrugated plastic signs.

Coroplast is designed to break down quicker under UV light. It is still polypropylene using a copolymer resin which remains in the environment. As usual, out of sight, out of mind.

I want to point out here that many products that are labelled “Green” really aren’t.