Re: Growing tomatoes and the RCMP

this was just brought up by one of your members asking if growing tomato;s was profitable? A couple of years ago i had an idea of growing tomato’s and selling them partially ripened in a cedar planter to the general public as a business.I was then raided by the RCMP.I stopped growing inside the building and was whipped out by a high wind end of business end of story .But i always wondered what the general comunity thought of it all?do you think they had the right to storm my building with force it feels like this comunity never had much to say ,even the local paper would not run the story until they saw it in the province.

 clearly there shouldn’t be a problem, if it was just tomato plants ??  You say they raided your tomato plants… this sounds bazaar…they do know the difference.
 I would buy a planter if you were selling them.

feel free to google bruce aleksich

I imagine if you believe they acted improperly you have sought out legal remedies for the incident?

If so has that case progressed, or has it fallen between the media roster in town as well?

okay, read the article. July 2008, they fucked up again. How do they manage to do this and keep face…really dumb… and your space was invaded, an apology would have been out of respect to you and your friends… stuff like this is shit… :angry:

Have you herd of anybody winning a case against them?

Uh, you haven’t exactly answered the question, but I gather you haven’t followed through on the incident in a legal fashion then.

uh I gues i’m a little nervous even bringing this up again I think they can make your life a living hell when they want.i do like rupert …but

Would a tasered tomato be considered highbred tomato?

No, it would be considered fire-roasted and ready to spread on brushetta !  Yummy!!!

Only a lawyer could tell you if you have a case.  We can speculate as much as we want here but I think legal advice is essential.  If the description from the articles I googled is accurate, then I think you probably have a strong case and there should be some kind of excuses (including some money) by the RCMP.  But that’s me and I am not a lawyer. 

You likely have a case but would be shitting in your own backyard. Expect a lot of traffic tickets and such.

They probably had enough legal reasons to prevent you from winning a lawsuit against them.

Unfortunately agencies like the RCMP haven’t realized that sometimes all it takes is an apology to avoid a lawsuit/complaint.

I also think that the legal system doesn’t allow them to apologize without opening them up legally in court.

Won’t anyone think of the poor tomatoes!

Its not that they havent realized it. It’s that they just dont give a fuck. Pretty clear that when they are wrong they simply concoct a story and all of them back eachother up.

No need to look further than houston, vanderhoof or vancouver to see proof of that.


already went through a rough patch of ticket recieving! In three months i got 9 tickets after the raid . I went 6 years with only one before that now my driving abstract reads like a book.But they were mostly seatbelt tickets and before anypost are made about if you do the crime you do the time I have definatly changed my evil non wearing seatbelt ways.

So it looks like there is something to your story.  Something fishy,  I do believe you were growing tomatoes, however… 

a few questions if you don’t mind, so we can get a better picture,

1)  Were you using excess electricity, ie: hyrdoponics to grow these plants

2)  Was this advertised openly,  or were you keeping it under wraps, hidden from view.

3)  In the name of open honest disclosure,  Do you have ANY sort of known history with illegal substances, or known ties to anyone else with these past/present issues.

This ties into the how to become a millionaire topic but man do I have a plan for you!

Grow a few more batches of tomatoes, have the cops raid. File harassment charges and while in court for said charges grow a few thousand other plants. Dry them, sell them  and profit.

No, but maybe you can sell them as tasered-gun-dried tomatoes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: