Re: Extra Foods to No Frills

Word around is that Extra Foods is gonna become No Frills in the very near future.

It’s been  in the works for a long time… but yes, the time has almost come.  Craptastic for this time of year though… lots of people will be without jobs for the holidays :frowning:

My days of shopping there will be over if it changes.
I don’t shop there as much as I find some prices higher than Safeway…
A very poor work environment will get even worse at Extra once it becomes No Frills…
Happy Holidays not…  :frowning:

What’s this No Frills you’re referring to?

Yes this is sad.  I have two friends that work there and they both told me they have a choice of taking a pay cut or a buy out…very sad indeed for all. :frowning:

No Frills = exactly that… booooooooooring!!

All no-name, no pharmacy, no deli, no bakery, no fruit and veggies!

You also have to bag your own groceries, preferably with your own bags!


well you have to bag your own groceries anyway…the fruit and veggies sucks - i find they go bad waaay too fast…and the dairy section is never “cold”  it sucks for the ppl getting a pay cut - but at least they’re given the option of keeping their job.

It will suck to lose the Presidents choice brand though - they have the best cookies  :smiley:

If I remember correctly the No Frills @ Denman Place Mall has PC Brand Products …
Oh well more to go to Terrace for… this is sad our shopping choices locally are getting worse all the time…  :(

Yep, PC will still be sold there.

Whooo whoo they get to keep a job at less pay and worse working conditions a big win that one

I shop there for kitty litter (cheaper!) and was buying catfood as the brand my cats like was .20c cheaper than Safeway but suddenly the price increased that amount so pissed me off !  I do like some of the PC brands though and love their BBQ chicken deal although they never seem to have any left when I get there.  :cry: If it is true, it is so sad for the employees especially in a town where jobs are not so readily available.  Makes me appreciate the one I have as much as I complain about it, sometimes.

it sucks there anyways

yes Extrafoods will be changing over to NoFrills,they CLAIM they are losing money keeping it an Extrafoods, from what we have been told it is a store that changes there prices every 2 weeks. they claim it is going to be better for Rupert,( ??????) maybe better for there pocket, but not the staff. yes I work there and all of us do not want to see this happen, change the name who cares but the contract they are offering hurts the ones that have been there for years, since june we have had nothing but threats, saying if you don’t do this or that it will close. no one wants to see it close as it will put alot of people out of work.
but for the record: the drug store will stay open, my job as GM is gone. there will be no bakery, as of right now all the meat is been shipped in from out of town as most of the people in Rupert already no. ( I no longer buy my meat from there).its a lets see what happens now,
please understand if it was you working there for 15 to 20 years and been able to pay your bills, then to be told your wage is going to be 10.00 an hour I think you would be a little upset to.
I can smell a strike coming up real soon here,I have only been there a year now and I will stand beside all staff, just like any other union person would.we as staff are trying to do the best for everyone in Rupert but its not only here, they want to shut down all extrafoods across Canada.there is 10 out there.
for anyone that wants to see what NO FRILLS offer you can google it they have fliers out already,

Also with these changes it will hurt safeway and overwaite, our other 2 main stores in town. they are the same union as us everyone will see price changes just like stocks. up and down every day,so this is not just only hurting the staff at extrafoods but the staff at the store you shop at. I shop safeway thank you … sFlyer.asp

WHAT !! you being the GM at Extra Foods and telling all of us you shop at Safeway. So please don’t shop at my store, cause I don’t.  :astonished:

There were frills?  :astonished:

hello I am not the general manager, Gm is general mechendiser. 2 different parts, most stores have a number of departments . this is one that is at extrafoods.

in no way will it affect safeway or overwaitea. i shop at both stores mainly at safeway. they carry quality meats veggies and bakery . extra foods carries none of that. its a welfare store is all it is.

the sad part is extra takes advantage of the people on welfare, as at one time they were cheaper than the other two this is often no longer the case… Safeway is far better and with Air Miles Bonuses the real savings comes with very low cost air travel with points…  Extra Foods’ work attmosphere had been poor this will be a nightmare… I feel for the workers.  I spoke to one this morning who told me she would drop from $19 an hour down to $11, this is disgusting…