Re: drive-by at subway?

speaking of holes anyone hear about the drive by shooting at subway… nice .22 round made it through the glass…no one hurt thank god.

When did this happen???

You should know!  It was probably your little psycho kitty who did it!!  ha ha.  (cute, btw)

Hey, what can I say, my killer kitty loves to go around rat a tat tattin the town, so if you see my kitty, please call me,

I believe it happened on Wednesday night and yes lucky no one hurt, is that not just what we need in this town. F/N crack heads, drunks, coke and junkies someone with a gun.I say it will all go down someone will be hurt yet. Just another silly thought I’m sure.

Seriously, what in the severe hell this city have come to these days?


I know how rumours like to fly in ole Podunk, but you would think that a “drive by shooting” which apparently sends bullets through a window, might make it to the mainstream media, not to mention have the RCMP make some kind of public comment about it all.

Just wondering if anyone has anything a little more tangible than the usual Rupert rumours… :astonished:

yep yep the RCMP forensics guys were all over it, talked to the owner of subway… here is a picture

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Very interesting picture there astro. What time did this incident take place? Did anyone hear the shots? Where did the bullet lodge? etc, etc… Any witnesses to what I assume was someone driving by in a car?

Since the local media types tend to do some research from this site  :wink:, perhaps we’ll hear more about it next week, might make an interesting story for monday’s paper and radio broadcasts, not to mention a talking point for the next City Council meeting, eh… a tad more escalating than the usual bit of roving teens and vanadalism saga.

After all, if we’re going to start seeing the local eateries getting shot at right in the downtown core, perhaps we might like to be better informed about what’s going on and more importantly what council might think is necessary to tackle the situation.

There was an incident at Subway, the RCMP was there and the manager also spoke to lady in Salon next door. I am surprised the Daily has not touched it either. I also would have thought the Podunkian may have given some briefing on the subject. However it was done does not mean too much, but just the fact that such a bullshit thing went down makes me kind of nervous. I know shit which goes down in this town which down and never gets picked up by the media.

LOL, well sadly the Podunkian isn’t as all knowing as some seem to believe :astonished:. Also unless you can find confirmation, generally you don’t tend to throw out stories that are more rumour than fact based. Rule of thumb is usually to find two seperate and reliable sources before treading into the world of speculation.

First I’ve heard of the thing was surfing htmf tonight, and even then until astro posted the photo it was more of the Rinse Rumour stuff, astro’s photo is certainly more concrete than anything else delivered thus far.

It’s puzzling that the newspaper would not cover the story though, unless of course it doesn’t fit into some kind of “good news” profile that they’re trying to provide these days.

Part of it may be that no one wants to alarm anyone I guess, but that’s rather a dis-service to the public I would think, if these kind of things are happening, sticking the head in the sand isn’t really the answer.

Maybe it will end up in that crime map thing that they throw out there once a week, buried in among the wild parties and drunk driving stats.

While it’s probably an isolated incident it is an unwelcome intrustion into the city scene that’s for sure, you would think that the police would want to get this out into the public looking for witnesses and giving the public an idea as to what’s going on out there these days.   

I agree whole hearted with what you say, I believe as I said somewhere else on HTMF them funseekers in council should wake up and smell the pollution happening on their streets . They can only hide their heads in the sand for so long. November will be coming soon but maybe not soon enough.

RCMP keep I tight lid on a lot of things for a lot of reasons and The daily news does not do a lot of investigating unlike there big brother the SUN or Province.

so it does not surprise me that it didn’t make the paper.

They came into the Salon next door to Subway while my girlfriend was having her hair done, they asked the clients to keep eye open for casings for a 22calb. I say it again what the f*&k is going on and why the hell won’t city council come into the picture?.

What is city counsel going to do?? Are they going to go out and find the ppl causing the problem? Nope not in our life time. I think ppl should put more pressure on the RCMP. Not locally ppl should start calling RCMP head offices and say that more police force is needed. In other communities in BC they share forces with other communities. They bring ppl in from other places to let ppl know they are around. Growing up in Rupert I dont really remember seeing RCMP officers that often. The community I live in now actually brings in Drug Infestigaters to help scope out possible drug homes. We also bring in more traffic officers to set up more traffic stops to get a handle on drunk driving. Why isnt Rupert doing things like this. You know the RCMP has addresses and names but dont have the man power to do a full force investigation.

Mango, before you reply to a thread, check the date on the last post.

i am new to this site and just found this post. i was working at subway when this happened. coming in to work the day after it happened. i was told to look out for the bullet while cleaning. never did find out if they found the guy though

I got a bullet in my roasted chicken I still have it

is there a reward for the bullet? Perhaps free subway for a yr?

One who wishes to eat Subway free for a year must be prepared to maybe spit glass, with all the broken windows that the poor management has been hit with. My heart goes out to the owner,owners. What have they done to deserve this misery? If they criminals responsible can read more then their name, give some poor people a break and get a hobby.