~Re: Dog Missing~

Please help.
Male Pomeranian, Not Neutered. Got out Today At Lunch time on Crestview Drive. He has Brown, long hair. Name is Wiyle (Friends dog not mine) We have yet to find him or hear anything on his where-abouts
Please call me at 250 622 4010 Very Friendly if you can grab him for me that would be AWSOME! thank you all and i will let you know if we do find him! Thank you


Dog has been found :smile:

Wow, that was fast!  Good to hear!

Good to hear!  :smiley:

Actually, you shouldn’t be calling missing dog so soon, anyway, for crying out loud.

Why?  I can understand why the owner is concerned.

Sorry, But she is a concerned pet owner, as well as they had spotted a Wolfe that way early last night, so they wanted to see if someone had seen him. Thanks to a Concerned person called me and we were able to get a hold of the dog. I would Rather have it posted on hear, then the dog end up some wheres lost and get hit by a vehicle.
and thank you  :smiley:

If everyone made a call out here because their dog had run away for a couple of hours, we’d need a website committed entirely to the subject. Dogs run off all the time. 99 % of the time, they come back. It was a huge overreaction.

Would have been better with a photo, but I don’t see a problem with it.

Better than Joy Thorkelson threads.

Hrmm - so the few minutes it took to read the thread pissed you off that much hey?  If you are so against the idea of posting missing dogs/cats then why not ask the powers that be to put them in their own little section on the forum so your delicate sensibilities can be protected.

The dog went missing on Crestview which is in the area where a lot of wolf sightings have been recently.  I say the sooner more than one person knows a pet is missing the better.  It’s not like this dog could have fought off a wolf. 

If you don’t want to read about missing pets - don’t read those posts that start with “Missing Dog/Cat”.

  Agreed…I would use any forum I had access to if it would assist me in finding my pet…Don’t like it, move on…Simple… :unamused:

we’ll start the thread this way next time


message htmf if you find and contact max power

:smiley: :smiley:


Hrmm - so the few minutes it took to read the thread pissed you off that much hey?[/quote]

Who said I was pissed off? Read the post again. It’s not angry at all. I just wouldn’t be proclaiming my dog missing after a couple of hours. Obviously, others don’t - probably the kind that overly pamper their dogs and dress them up.

And Decker, how was compassion and sympathy required? The dog was missing for a couple of hours! Gee, hope you had enough tissue to get you through the ordeal.

This Max Power sounds very much like a caring individuel,sounds like someone pissed him off, did you lose a pet when you were a kid or what? Show some compassion and stop getting in people’s faces when they show signs of maybee being human. I have a moose head on my wall here which my ex left would you like it?

Nah. I hate that beer.

Max Power has a point.  Some ppl treat there animals better then there own kids.  
As crazy as it sounds, but its very true.

And one thing some CAN’T DO!  And I STRESS THIS OUT!

Some cannot CLEAN UP after there DOGS!

But kids have the advantage because they can wear diapers which are good for ten pounds and up. You can usually tell what an individual is like when they express love for the animal they love or care for. Don’t let the diaper part get you going it was only a joke, I think.

Hey, I didn’t really wanna start a huge war on a Missing dog, Mr. Power if you think that EVERYONE that cares about their dog dresses them up to the nines, then so be it. I know that for myself, I do pick up my 6 dogs messes on walks and in my yard as well, I don’t like the mess in my own yard, why would i in someone else’s. I don’t know why ppl don’t do so, but hey who knows. some are lazy, and some own the little mutts that they think their shit don’t count. My friend is thankful that someone Actually took into consideration of finding her dog for her.  Thanks for the discussions…

SIX dogs!!! I thought there was a city limit on pets in homes… City will be phoning you momentarily.  :smiley: