Re: Chances

So my HTMF connections got me a VIP invitation to Chances tonight (ie: they’ll let just about anybody in).

I totally forgot to bring my camera, so I couldn’t take good photos. 

But anyway, here’s what I could snap with the iPhone’s camera, which sucks in low light.  Also, one of the employees there (you know who you are!) caught me taking photos and said “you’re not supposed to take photos in here, especially since you’re going to post them on hackingthemainframe.”  I tried to take a photo of him, but decided against it, since he looked like he could kick my butt.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Mig, in that second last shot was he who knows who he is giving you grief? Thanks for the inside shots since I do not imagine I will ever see for myself.

So how much did you come home with at the end of the night…

BTW, Nice pic of Hizzonner Was Herb trying to win back the double counted five mil?

Wow… If he hadn’t been there you’d complain too.

The CITY lost the money, and the CITY has taken responsibilty. The blame goes to no one person. On top of that, there’s no way that the city can make the money appear out of nowhere. It’s gone, and the city just has to move on and try to recover.

Jeez buddy, chill out, wasn’t complaining was making a bit of fun. Obviously the Mayor is going to appear at the only tax paying institution to open in the last few years…

As for the missing bucks however, the city hasn’t exactly taken responsibility for the snafu, instead they seem to suggest that they need more employees to count the cash…

Somehow I don’t find that particularly reassuring :unamused:

You’re right, Eccentric. Every time the city, council, or anyone for that matter, screws up royally, we should just shrug and say “oh well, can’t change the past,” and move on. Indeed, let’s scrap the whole concept of crime while we’re at it. :unamused:

I didn’t say we forget it. You’re committing the Straw Man fallacy. When you can’t think of an argument to counter mine, you twist what I saw to make it easier to deal with.

What I meant was that there isn’t any point dwelling on it. We should remember it, and make sure not to have this issue again. However, this story was covered in the Globe and Mail, the Sun, the Province, and the Daily News. There isn’t much we can do about it, now–so the best thing to do is move on. Furthermore, if your ‘crime’ comment was at all in comparison to what has happened–that’s low, and quite silly.

Really guys, if the Mayor, Councillors, or anyone else at City Hall was actually trying to cover their ass(es)–as some of you have suggested–they would simply blame the entire thing on the accountant, as it was an accounting error. However, our City employees are above that. Maybe we all need to rise above the pointless complaints about a problem no one foresaw, no one wanted to happen, and no one can now do anything about.

Au contraire mon ami…

There is alot we can do.  We can speak our mind in a forum such as this and consider Councils lack of accountability when we vote in a years time.

Also, if the mayor was not trying to cover his, council’s and the rest of city halls asses he would come out and apologize and just admit that they screwed up.  Instead he passes it off as a staff shortage that contributed to the accounting error. C’mon…it onlt takes one person to count 5.1 million twice.

What I meant was that there isn’t any point dwelling on it. [/quote]

The only one dwelling on it in this thread is YOU. Podunk cracked a joke and it made me chuckle a bit. Lighten up for goodness sake. There are plenty of threads here where you can defend the mayor’s honor, Mr E-Knight. this isn’t one where you need to.


Thanks for the pictures Mig. That one of you though is freaking hilarious. Was security about to body search you or something?

I worked in a casino once,  :unamused: Anyways , The main reason you cant take pictures inside are because you “May” be using the photos for Criminal purposes or unwittingly supplying criminals with layouts in which to base their crime.

I have seen guards ask people to delete pictures but they cant seize cameras

(Don’t quote me on that)

ive been told i cant take pictures in certian bars too…
somthing about possibly catching someone out with some chick that isnt their wife in the background and possibly using it for black mail…
sheesh why is it my problem if some jerk is cheating on his wife? :unamused:

Ya some bars are really sticky on that… yet you see pics all over Facebook and other places of drunken stupidness inside said establishments.  I guess it all depends on who you are sometimes.  Preppy rule. :S

Yes i agree with you

chances is one new place in town that i cant see myself ever wanting to go into EVER

So all they have is digital slot machines? how many?

Why is that?

I don’t gamble either, but it was a really nice restaurant and bar.  Great place to go watch a hockey game (which is what we were doing).  The food was awesome too.

Here’s a video clip I took inside the bar and restaurant:

I actually do like to gamble…nothing big.  I will check the place out, it sounds like a good place to go and have a brew or two, maybe play some slots.
Good video, btw, MiG.  Your iphone has great resolution even in low-light conditions. :wink:

AARGH!!!  You’re getting good at that!!!

LMAO…he got me too, smartass…again!! :smiley:

I just have a problem with having a casino in this town and all the money its going to take away from the people that need it

there are plenty of restarunts in this town and plenty of places to watch the hockey game
ive just had a bad feeling about chances from day one

It’s a gaming centre not a casino. And they’re not taking money away from anyone - people are giving them money in exchange for a service.