Re: B & B Shooting

a first nation’s ladie tried to rob B&B and was shot in the chest by the RCMP
and some dude got shot in leg and there might have been a 3 person who new both of them who was in the store when it happened.

I feel bad for the Police officer that pulled the trigger. That person’s life is totally getting turned inside out.


Well, it’s the day after.

Does anybody have any updates on this story?

As a matter of fact, from CKNW in Vancouver…

Woman Recovering From Gunshot Wound She Received From Mounties Gun
Sep, 30 2006 - 11:40 AM

A 23-year old American woman is in hospital in Prince Rupert recovering from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen she received from a Mountie’s gun.

RCMP say around one this afternoon, they were called to a disturbance at a local convenience store where a distraught woman was claiming people were out to kill her.

An officer attempted to calm the woman, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and an unsuccessful attempt to disarm her resulted in the officer suffering lacerations to his hand.

She then attacked him, leading the member to discharge his weapon.

The Las Vegas woman is in hospital in stable condition.

Major Crimes is investigating.

Thanks for that , Kinda  knew that  I could depend on The Podunkian . Too many rumors once again in Prince Rumors.

Here is the story from Canwest Global website.

Mountie shoots U.S. woman after attack with scissors 
CanWest News Service
Published: Sunday, October 01, 2006
A Prince Rupert Mountie shot an American woman in the stomach after he unsuccessfully tried to disarm her of a pair of scissors she used to attack the senior officer.

RCMP were called to a disturbance at a Prince Rupert convenience store at about 1 p.m. Friday and discovered a distraught woman who “was claiming that people were out to kill her,” Cpl. Pierre LeMaitre said in a news release.

The officer tried to calm the woman, who LeMaitre said appeared to be on drugs, but she kept repeating “over and over again that people were out to kill her.”

The woman then grabbed a pair of scissors from the store and the officer, fearing she might harm herself or someone else, attempted to disarm her.

A “physical struggle” ensued and the officer suffered lacerations to his hand in his unsuccessful attempt to disarm the woman.

“The woman then attacked the officer with the scissors and the member discharged his firearm,” LeMaitre said in the statement.

The woman, a 23-year-old from Las Vegas, Nev., was taken to hospital, where she was treated for a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. She was listed in stable condition.

The Mountie, a veteran officer with 18 years experience, was also treated at hospital for his injuries.

The shooting is being investigated by the Prince Rupert general investigation section as well as the E Division major crimes unit.

funny how things get so turned around in our little town…

they never found out if she was on drugs?

I’ll say’ the story says nothing of being first nations, but as for those damn americans…

The woman sounds like a sad individual who is in extreme distress, she’s possibly a drug user or is perhaps suffering from some type of mental condition.  Her prospects are not good.  She’ll most likely be charged with assault and robbery.  Not a great way to end your stay in Prince Rupert.

If she is some one who has a mental disability such as Schizophrenia, they may  not be prosecuted the same. as she was not in her right state of mind. she may have to spend time in a metal heath Institution.

It’s not Prince Rupert it’s Prince Rumor :smiley:

Yes that should be the name change considering the way stories go around this community. If there is no rumor then give the story half a day. I also wish to bring up this first story " A First Nations Female " being the individule and then we have female crack addict . Some posts have been very negative pertain to both. Why jump to the first nations thing right of the bat and second the fact that they person may be on crack or another garbage hard drug, we must remember that addiction is a health issue no matter what the substance may be. 

not to start a flame war here but why cant a young american woman not be a first nations lady from the great country of the good ol USA?  :astonished:

True, good point.  I hope she’s doing okay.  I also hope that the RCMP officer is recovering well.

Maybe there really is someone out to kill the woman and they often take the form of police officers. I mean they thought Sarah Connor was nuts too and we all know how that turned out.

If by chance that she was doing or was on some Hard Drugs then that is the killer right there. Many people that I see who are getting into the hard drugs are just on a slow suicide . Now trying to get some bullshit started regarding the officer  whose intention was to help her and then was forced into protecting himself/herself is not doing anyone justice. From what I understand is this officer has been shaken up from the whole thing. So as mentioned in an earlier post , lets just wish them both well. I say go for the people who are putting this hard shit out there , they are the ones who are going to continue killing  people and  this community.

…the assumption that this person is an addict is a bit limiting…it could be simply a matter of someone with  schizophrenia …bipolar…etc who is non compliant with their medications.

or a diabetic

For Once Justin Case and I see things exactly the same…first, i feel for the officer, that had to suck. but yes, crack down the dealers.  they are not hard to find.  get the hard shit off the streets.  anybody ever hear the legend of the ‘cocaine crab traps’ well it turns out they aren’t just legend.  They ahve discovered a whole bunch of lobster traps off the east coast that are set to float a couple feet below the surface, and they are tagged with GPS beacons.  they then get loaded with either money or drugs, then  the GPS is mapped, and the other party comes out and emptys it.  Now, if the government focused some money and effort into catching these types of things, then you cut it off at the source, and the pieces of shit that sell it on the street, move on…ot PG.

so stopping drug use is simply a matter of stopping the flow of drugs into our country hey…