Re: A Thing of Beauty:-)

and be confined to a desk, lame. At this moment im laying in bed, screen dimmed, backlit keyboard on, surfin the net etc etc, gota love it, try that with a desktop.

Guy, I got a projector, wireless mouse and keyboard.  Im pretty sure im set

Laptops are for home use and mobile use.

And BTW, those who use laptops for mainly at home use (desktop replacement), you’re using less and less energy and helping reduce CO emissions.  :smile:

Go green, buy a laptop.

Uh, hmmm, ok, pretty riveting Friday night there I’d say… :imp:

I dont know where you heard that, and dont even care if its true, thats just stupid.  Why dont you walk to work one day instead of driving.  I bet that one trip is 5 years of laptop versus desktop comp use

I hear thats what futurshop employees do on friday nights

True, however i have to work tomorrow, what you going to do all day ?

I get weekends off, probably drink some beers and play rockband with friends

That’s pretty true, if you think about it, its not pulling power all the time like the desktop  computer is. Deskctop is using power for the monitor and tower.

OH that sounds entertaining, get drunk and play rockband,  lets see her, drining beer HEALTHY, plaing rockband GAY!  You really are a winner eh !

How can you compare sitting in bed with a laptop on a friday night compared to playing Rockband and drinking beers with friends.  What the hell do you do besides play with computers

I dont know where you heard that, and dont even care if its true, thats just stupid.[/quote]

Heard that?  :unamused:

Honestly, what makes you think a laptop would normally eat 400W of power?

I don’t drive in Vancouver. Public transit here is convenient and efficient.

Depends how you use it.

Fly RC Helis???

Going outside and do something is much better than confining yourself in a building.

To me that would be lame, I would rather jam or play Guitar hero or Rockband

What about jam outside?

Thats even better, but its to cold out still

I sense maybe you play guitar?

Wear a jacket, a hoodie, or an extra layer of t-shirt.


I do the hoodie and the extra layer, but no jacket. 

I hate to say it . . .

but another thread’s been successfully jacked.

nice laptop hitest’s daughter, good decision making!

to me picking out a computer is pretty serious “biz” and it seems as if she’s done that good =D

it does look cool on that desk!