Re: A Thing of Beauty:-)

I just finished setting up my daughter’s new macbook.  I’m very proud of her, she worked very hard and saved up for this unit.  The unit is very nice indeed. :sunglasses:  She’s happy now.  She has wireless access in her room.  Away from me downstairs:-)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Oooh, brand new model too.  I got mine today as well, and passed on my previous Macbook to its new owner.  The keyboard layout is slightly different.

Some stuff to download:  Firefox (obviously), Quicksilver (and grab the Showcase interface: … interface/ ).  E-mail me and I can send along some other stuff too.

Very nice man, i’m glad its a mac. Looks nice on her desk.

Thank you.  She loves it:-)  Macs rock. :sunglasses:

Just downloaded, installed FF, up and running.  Imported my daughter’s bazillion anime bookmarks:-)  I’m gonna grab TBird in the next few minutes and set-up IMAP.
Thank you, MiG.  I’ll e-mail you in a bit:-)

Just wondering, how old is your daughter?

Okay.  Why do you want to know? :smile:

the answer you want to give is “not old  enough to talk with you”, reagardless of her age by the way eh!!! :smiley:

Agreed, he should be able to tell that she is young, as he has given many hints that she saved up, looking at the picture she is young because of the stuff on her dresser, and the fact she likes anime stuff.

Try Apple’s before you dive into Thunderbird.  It works nicely with IMAP as well.

Thank you, MiG.  Will do.  I will set-up Mail before I try TBird. :smile:

Because if she’s young, a child shouldn’t have access to a computer away from the eyes of the parent, which you seemed to make light of in your first post.

Mac OS X has a VNC server built in :wink:

I have frequent chats with my daughter about on-line safety.  She is a smart person.  And yes, I do monitor her on-line activity.  Thank you for your concern. :smile:

Cool. :sunglasses:

You’re a more trusting parent than I’ll ever be.  :smile:

Mailplane is better, but requires gmail, pretty good stuff tho, could have a erber geek kid using gmail :stuck_out_tongue: heh.

I would of saved 1000 and just got a basic computer if its just going sit in the room

why, she has a good computer now that will probably last her many years if treated well, plus looked after. I say money well invested.

yeah but laptops are for the mobile person, not for a home computer.  I was using a laptop to kill time at night, during school last year and would rather be using a desktop computer.