Rate the performance of your Local Civic Leaders

A tip of the hat to the podunkian for his valuable blog and keeping track of our civic mothers and fathers.  I just took a look at his attendance rankings for the city council at the following link and used this to calculate absenteeism for each of our elected officials.

While being present at all meetings is not in itself an indicator of how effective an elected official is … I thought it may be timely to rate the perceived performance of each one as their first year since the last election is drawing to a close.

--------------------------Absenteeism Percentage
Councillor Anna Ashley -----------0.0%  (attended 22 of 22 meetings)
Councillor Gina Garon ----------- -0.0%  (attended 22 of 22 meetings)
Councillor Sheila Gordon Payne----4.5%  (attended 21 of 22 meetings)
Councillor Nelson Kinney----------4.5%  (attended 21 of 22 meetings)
Councillor Kathy Bedard----------18.2% (attended 18 of 22 meetings)
Councillor Joy Thorkelson--------18.2%  (attended 18 of 22 meetings)
Mayor Jack Mussallem-----------22.7%  (attended 18 of 22 meetings)

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 7470722817

Only one vote per poster and no changing  your mind after voting. Vote to see how your opinion stacks up with other podunkians.

I am unable to cast a vote because not one of them has showed me any positive move on their part. Nelson seems to be the only individual who has showed any concerns as to where and how the community is going. Very bad showing after all the promises and speeches and so many wasted votes.

I’ll most definetly agree with J.C. not a one did anthing that stood out in my opinion. All we seem to hear is more doom and gloom, cut this service and raise that tax. I think it’s time for a “Revolution” not just Municipal but also Provincial and Federal.

yea i dont think any names stick out as being above the others with all the closed meetings but ashley did post here so thats a plus lol. we need a complete overhaul i thin kwe did last year as well. but its tough times and it would be hard to find anyone who would give us an immediate fix

Maybe you’re right about the revolution Justin…especially with the recent news of Harper “proroguing” Parliament to allow the Tories to gain the upper hand on more no doubt freedom-crushing initiatives.

For more about these bastards about to take a fat dump on democracy’s face, check out:
news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cbc- … d=23166056

Small correction, it was Chrispy who was advocating Revolution, although I’m pretty sure Justin will be there too with the rest of us proles when the red flag (or maybe the black flag of Anarchy) is unfurled over the rubble of many government buildings. A new age will dawn with a deermobile in every driveway and parking stall.

My bad. Sorry Chrispy.

Still, a future with deer-powered vehicles might go a long way to helping reverse the effects of climate change, which might bring reliable snowfalls to Mt. Hayes, which would then help stimulate the tourism economy…

Wait, should we maybe start a new thread for the topic of deer-power?   

Did somebody mention a revolution? what about any way. This J.C does seem kind of pissed at your current council but he may just sit back for the time being. You folk know him but I do read his posts on and off. What happens if they have a revolution and no one shows?

Interesting point, Leonard.  In terms of hypothetical revolutionary scenarios, you wouldn’t have to worry about no-one showing, as long as the proper conditions existed, ie desperate population under oppressive or violent conditions, plus a properly motivated group of individuals to draft some revolutionary policy and procedure and of course the most important and fun “P” - propaganda!  And of course some wealthy/powerful foreign allies are always nice to have as well, to provide money and guns, political pressure, and if all else fails, a friendly country to flee to in the event you don’t pull it off…Having a revolutionary hero similar to Che Guevara or maybe John Rambo helping out would be a good idea as well…

Really though, I don’t think an armed municipal uprising would be a good idea.  I think there is still room for non-violent political action.  Imagine municipal civil war in the streets of Rupert!  City Hall a burnt and rocket-blasted shell, with packs of mad starving dogs running in the streets, devouring the pitiful remains of combatants and innocents alike!!! 

A foreign-financed revolution might work if Ketchikan saw it in their best interest to submarine our Cruise ship dock. Perhaps Mayor Lew Williams would see this as that opportunity to increase his sphere of influence on the North Coast.

This is all theoretical of course. 

Time to close off this mini poll. Of the almost 800 views 24 HTMF’rs voted for the most effective councillor. Not the most representative sample of HTMF but for what it’s worth;

Nelson Kinney is ovewhelmingly the favourite followed by Joy, Sheila and Anna all vying for second place. Last place goes to our Port Edward import - Kathy B.

Mayor Jack Mussallem… 1 (4.2%)
Councillor Kathy Bedard… 0 (0%)
Councillor Joy Thorkelson… 4 (16.7%)
Councillor Nelson Kinney…  8 (33.3%)
Councillor Sheila Gordon Payne…  4 (16.7%)
Councillor Gina Garon…  3 (12.5%)
Councillor Anna Ashley…  4 (16.7%)
Total Voters: 24

LOL, municipal war in the streets, this is a town that’s hard pressed to go out and vote

How the hell is Kinney #1? Does that man even have anything to say? That’s a bunch of bullocks. You guys suck at picking councillors.

Bullocks and bollocks are not the same thing.

i guess whoever picked them got a good haircut.

To be a good councellor one needs not to change everything about town but to be concerned as to what is happening and make strides as to how and fix things. The council must vote on items as well to change things and bring in bylaws. Nelson always listens and yes he does take notice. He represents many or all seniors and has much concern in regards to the young ones roaming our streets. He just needs someone who would be willing to work with him in getting things pushed through.

doing a great job folks your hard work and focus
will take our city to the top ,keep your heads up and
be proud we are on the road to recovery.

i did not start this forum if we are going to have this then i
only want positive news and we are going to move forward
in prince Rupert

I to be council in 2012. Than me do good for row of homes. Vot my