Rate the performance of your Local Civic Leaders

In this posters opinion Garon and Ashley shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. It was a sad day in rupert when that decision was made and since there election almost one year ago they have done little to nothing further proving my above statement.

isnt this thread about rating our civic leaders  … well ill give them an F  no A’s or B’s  they dont deserve the praise            " make the people happy not yourselves "

" make the people happy not yourselves " [/quote]

In all fairness, we all know that it is impossible to please “people”.

As elected leadership - I expect mayor and council to make occasionally unpopular decisions. I just expect that they are doing it with the community’s best interests in their minds and in their hearts.

Making decisions for long-term interests won’t always please people - though, at the end of the day, people are more likely to respect those choices…and the people who made them.

Occasionally unpopular decisions? Where have you been this past year?

I don’t see Jack around town much  :frowning:
I used to see Herb all over the place.  I know there’s more to being a good mayor, but I would at least like to know that my mayor is around.
I mentioned it to a few friends over coffee yesterday.  Their response… “Jack who?”

I think Become the Change was just making a statement about elected officials in general having to make unpopular decisions.

I saw Jack once. He was standing between Bigfoot and a Jackalope.

And chasing down a chupacabra

Saw him sweeping the sidewalk across the street from Ocean Center mall.

I believe that is the apartments which he owns.