Public Washroom agonies

Okay, admit it, we have all been in the situation where there was no away around getting away with not using a public washroom.
Personally, I do not use them if I do not have to, like many other people I am sure.
On the occasions where I absolutely had to, I ran into various literal shitty situations!
Instead of pulling over and using one of those dreaded outhouses on the Rupert/Terrace highway, I opted to stop in Canadian Tire a few times. It seems as if they NEVER clean the place or replace the toilet paper. So users beware!
Walmart washrooms aren’t kept up all too well either, obviously due to the high traffic.
The Crest beats any washroom facility, that is a given.

Name some good places to dash to and name the ones to avoid.

Paging Ivan…

Or you could just hack it… I mean… its a washroom, it doesnt need to be all velvety and pretty :smiling_imp:

just hover

No it doesn’t, but when you do not have the ability to stand up when you pee, it is nice to know the places to avoid. Ya know?
I’m not dissing the establishments either, it is not their fault people regularly muck up their place and they can not keep up.

the only way i wouldnt use a bathroom was if it had shit all over the floor and toilet then i would hold it haha.

Crest is good, well i must say for us guys, unless its #2 we could care less but ill go #2 in the outhouses… at least fresh air gets too them lol and i can just piss in the bush lol

i love the crest bathrooms sooo nice… heh but the laydees bathroom needs tvs too… :neutral_face:

nah cause we have them over the urinals… where as were can u put them in urs? they will give u couchs and shit

so they could uhh put it beside the waterfountain or somethin…

I haven’t quite decided if I want to learn this technique! :blush:

and just how many people stick these in their purse???

man… that’d be weird like going to bar taking a piss and talking to agirl next to u while ur wang is out.

Duuuude, you should see “The Crying Game”…

Apparently you were hanging out in the washroom too much, when you should have been in English class.

Hmm, I don’t use public washrooms, so I don’t see what this has to do with me. I suppose I can contribute with a list of interesting places I’ve peed. I’ll call it “Places to pee in Prince Rupert.” Puh puh puh!

  1. Hays Creek, off the bridge

  2. The bushes, most notably the bushes by the CHSS track after going for a nice jog.

  3. Little concrete building by PRSS field, maybe it’s a dugout. That one was during the winter. There’s something so liberating about yankin’ it out in sub-zero temperatures and letting loose your stream of snow melting glory.

Hell, peeing outdoors is the best place of all to pee. Compare the freedom of outside with the confining environment of a washroom and you have no contest. I don’t know why it’s so great, maybe it’s because you don’t have to aim, maybe it’s because of some subconcious urge to mark territory, or maybe it’s just that nice, cool breeze on your genitals. All I know, is that if you’ve walked around Prince Rupert at all, chances are you’ve stepped in my pee.

that dude is standing way too close


Hmm, I don’t use public washrooms, so I don’t see what this has to do with me. [/quote]

You’re a germ freak, so naturally we knew you’d have something to say about this.

So you’re the one that’s been stinking up our dugouts. Do you draw the lovely pornographic pictures on the walls too?

Picturing Ivan’s genitals in the breeze is very disturbing!!! Ivan, I can’t believe you pee in the places you do, and then to top it off, tell people about it.
You and HoshQ should get out once in a while.

I think I saw hoshq outside today… he was wearing blue pants and a grey tshirt. Or was it grey pants and a blue tshirt? Eh one or the other. Or maybe it wasn’t even him.