ps3 today with a 900.00 price tag

anyone spending 900.00 to get the new playstation 3 today? or are you waiting for wii for 250.00. I think the 900.00 price tag is abit much, for my blood and will  waite  6 months before i buy if I decide to.

Where are you getting this price from? It sells for ~$550 (20gb) and ~$660 (60gb) doesn’t it?

On a side note, 900 is a bargain when you look at how much people are buying them for on eBay  :astonished:

zellers yesterday? the young guy behind the counter said they got 4 machines and they were around 900.00 with taxes. I thought it was a bit much too but I dont work there and im just going on his word.

Odd, the 60gb version is selling for 659.99 everywhere else, 745 after taxes.

still its way to much for my wallet, will wait for summer before making a choice as im sure there will be problems with the ps3.

One problem already surfaced, I’m pretty sure it has problems playing some older games. Sony has already released a patch for this however.

The price is higher because stores like Zellers won’t just sell you the basic unit. They make you purchase a bundle so you have to buy a certain game or accessory as well.

My brother in law was one of the like 3 people in Rupert to get a PS3 pre-order from Zellers. I think all totalled up he paid just over $800 for it. He then put it up on Ebay and it sold for $1550 US.


This is nuts!

I looked at the stats
tem location: Syracuse, New York, United States
History: 41 bids
Winning bidder: robinbuclexus( 1 ) Not a registered user

Probably going to relist it

shit i just checked ebay and most are selling at $ 2300.00 omg thats sick!

:astonished: … dZViewItem
$10 grand lol…too funny

if or when xbox 360 adds a blu ray addon.  That would bring it up to the same price as the ps3

xbox 360 has a DVD-HD addon, not bluray.

My 12 year old has a PS2…I tried playing SOCOM Navy Seals on it, but, I ended up shooting my own penetration team, LOL. :smiley:
It is amazing how the PS3s are flying off the shelves.

A classic example of “PS3 campers”:


Anyone read here?

Lots of PS3 madness stories. Some PS3s sold for over 10k on ebay. Stories of people doing the campouts in the lineups… just madness. tried to have some fun, but their video is kinda reactionless and gay. I guess some radio host went down to the a local PS3 lineup, and offered geeks an all expensive paid trip to the Bunny House brothel to give up their spot in line–no one took up the offer. Haha, nerds.

1 million dollers for a ps3 … 9_on_EBay_
i wounder if he will see the money… you take a check dude.

Meanwhile in Prince George:

[quote]Saturday, November 18, 2006

New PlayStations scooped up

by Christine Skorepa Citizen staff
Diehard video gamers started lining up Wednesday morning in Prince George for a chance to get the Sony PlayStation 3, which went on sale Friday at Future Shop.

And after going to those extreme measures, one of the lucky 10 people who was able to buy the $659 video game system was offered $2,500 for it as he walked out of the store. There was no word on whether he accepted the offer.

Doug Paquette, entertainment manager at Future Shop, said by Thursday afternoon the lineup was 10 people long, which matched the number of video game systems the local store was allowed.

“This was the most respectful lineup of people I’ve ever seen,” said Paquette. “They figured out who was one through 10. They had a generator with a space heater, a TV and an Xbox. They had their own food and we bought them pizza (Thursday) night.”

Things were not near as friendly in some cities in the United States.

In Hartford, Conn., two armed thieves tried to rob a line of people waiting for the PlayStation 3 to go on sale and shot one man, who refused to give up his money, authorities said.

About 50 kilometres away, another shopper was beaten and robbed of his new PlayStation 3, just minutes after he bought it at a store in Manchester, police said.

Future Shops throughout Canada only had 1,500 units to sell and, according to Paquette, there was originally to be 400,000 available in North America, but in reality he thinks it was more like 100,000.

Japan, which spawned the PlayStation 3 system, received only 88,000 units.

“It’s like this with every game system launch,” Paquette said. “But (the local line) was the nicest group of people.”

The local Wal-Mart had four systems available for sale early Friday morning and received another four later, which were quickly sold after being announced over the public address system.

This is a big weekend for gamers, Sunday is the launch for the Nintendo Wii video game system. Future Shop will have 50 available.

I’ll read this thread later when I have more time… didn’t realise there was actually two PS3 threads here :blush:

I camped for mine back on pre-order day. Third in line… Picked up the 60GB unit from EB on the 17th… There was a shit load of people camping outside futureshop in GP and Walmart. There was even a fight or two, so Futureshop gave out tickets and said come back when we’re open. The people waiting outside walmart until opening got nothing, since the store gave out tickets the night prior to those who were going to camp… The manager was there during the night/morning telling people not to bother waiting since the units were already ‘sold out’… They waited anyways and rushed to the electronics area at opening.

Some people even showed up around 7:45am expecting a copy… right…

Anyways, I think Blue-ray will be the next high-def standard. HD-DVD is slow booting, and doesn’t readily support 1080p. Also, 7 of 8 hollywood movie companies support blue-ray vs 3 for HD-DVD…

How many companies supported Betamax?  It was also the technically superior format.

No, I doubt either blu-ray or HD-DVD will replace standard DVD anytime soon.  I think we’ll just move to something new like hard-drive and internet distribution.  HD-DVD and Blu-ray don’t offer any quantum leap over normal DVD – there’s no real incentive for anybody to buy it, unlike buying DVD over VHS, etc.

Think of Blu-ray and HD-DVD being the APS of the video world.  APS is technically superior to normal 35mm film, but it’s not a quantum leap, there’s no incentive to buy it.  If people are going to make a new investment in photography, it’s going to be to move to digital.

You’ll probably see the same thing in the movie business – why buy a HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive when you can just buy the next generation thing?