Prince Ruperts Radio Station Sucks

Im sure theres more of you out there, that have no choice
but to listen to the same annoying songs everyday at work or
where ever you are.
If I to hear Santana Play lead to some stupid pop song that doesnt even sound good one more time ill shoot myself.
And Cheryl Crow… Shut up!!!
Whos that annoying girl that sings “Im like a bird, I only fly when i need to” Sure shes cute, but shes Annoying.
They dont play Madonna as much, thank god. Her music sucks now, the only reason they played it is cuase she had a name back in the day. That goes for you to Cher.
And whats with all those guys writing songs on the acoustic singin like micheal Jackson, all hi pitched like a woman.
Usher, i wont even go there, he’s the worst of all

Is it that much to ask to play some decent songs!
Take your lame, over played alternative songlist of repeat.

Listen to CFNR… they are a bazillion times better than the Mix.

I can’t even remember the last time I listened to the Mix unless I was in a store or dentist’s office or somewhere like that.

We can’t pick up CFNR very well at work (right next to the mountain, and we’re in a metal bulding, with a shitty old radio), so we “mix it up” between the Mix and the CBC.

My condolances.

Dude, go on ebay and buy a big ass FM antenna! Better yet, get those infotech geeks to build you one ot of a popcan.

We need a wolfman jack.

Dylan, paging Dylan. Come in please.

Why not listen here:


Try again later. It’s been there every other time I’ve tried it.

Hmmm…just a suggestion, but some people should get together and see about setting up a college radio station based out of Northwest Community College here in Rupert.

That way the community could get some diversified programming for a change. I know I’d help out in any way I can having done some community radio back in Ontario.

Any Northwest students here?

There’s a couple retired ones for sure. I think scrub still goes there.

Or, of course, anyone of us could set up some Internet streaming radio action. As long as most of the traffic is local, I don’t think Citytel would mind too much. Or maybe hosted at, as you suggested, NWCC, or or even CHSS.

You’re right though, real radio-wave radio would be pretty heavy, but substantially harder to setup (because with an online solution all of the broadcast infrastructure is already in place).

Why not get into satellite radio? All the truck shops in Terrace (Peterbilt, KW) etc are selling loads of Sirius radios- make up a US address and voila, 150 channels of whatvever you want

IT rocks!

Same here, all I could get is the mix, you know who we need? Happy Harry Hard-on!

I cannot believe they are playing Platnium Blonde on the radio! OMG!!!


yngwie_69 wrote:

Damn rights dude. I am so sick of that song, when ever it comes on…off the radio and on with metallica.

Anyone else smell hypocrisy if you’re going to turn to Metallica because you find some other music overplayed?

Oh, what a good band we are,
back from the brink of extinction it seems.
We play down tuned guitars,
and boy it sounds raw to intentionally sing out of