Prince Rupert You Tube

Has anyone seen the Prince Rupert video on Youtube, cause if you haven’t you should.

There is a couple good local videos

Anyone know of anyother good sites to watch local videos??

Hi Five!

Much respect to Prince Rupert.

Trooper wrote “we’re here for a good time” on Tugwell Island with people from Metlakatla, during one of there numerous visits with their friends from the community, NOT Prince Rupert.

I’m not sure where they wrote it, or what it’s about, but I’m pretty certain that “And the sun is shinin, In this rainy city” doesn’t refer to Metlakatla.  I don’t think they would call Metlakatla a city, would they?

I did’nt say it was about Metlakatla, I, simply, said it was written at Tugwell Island with their friends from Metlakatla after one of their concerts. I heard this from a friend of a friend. haha

I think you’re confusing it with “Santa Maria” …

From the Trooper site:

[quote]I tell him that, Mercer’s choice notwithstanding, I’ve always had a soft spot for Santa Maria, a chipper song about a drunken cruise “on a sardine boat, loaded with crazy people.”

I ask him what inspired it. The answer, strangely enough: A drunken boat cruise.

"The boat was called The Lucky Lady. We sailed from Prince Rupert onto an island off the coast with an awful lot of alcohol and some salmon to barbecue. Many of the lines in the song are direct quotes from the skipper. He actually said ‘Okay, there’s only fear and good judgment holding us back.’ On the way back he said ‘Does somebody know how to drive this thing?’ I actually wrote these down in a little notepad as we went.

“I like the song. It’s gentle of spirit yet fun in lyric. It was actually number one here (in Newfoundland) for a long time.” [/quote]

Just what are you implying here? funny lol
Anyway my point was from the video that was to the trooper song it was implied that the song was written about Prince Rupert, and I called it. If it was it was I just want to see proof of this instead of operating on hearsay, which often gets people into trouble or causes conflict.

Just what are you implying here? [/quote]

What I’m implying is that “Santa Maria” was written on an island near here, not “Here for a good time.”

What I’m also implying is that you follow your own advice:

So I posted a quote right from the horse’s mouth.  Unlike your “proof” which is:

I think I’d trust Trooper’s words more than “I heard this from a friend of a friend.”

So if you want to claim that Trooper wrote “Here for a good time” on “Tugwell Island with people from Metlakatla”, then let’s see your proof.  I’ve already proven that they themselves have said they wrote “Santa Maria” on an island off Prince Rupert.

Either way u look at it there were at tugwell island wich is affiliated with rupert…the song was written about rupert and our coast…come on now…get it right already

They’ve been in a lot of other places too, does that mean the song is about those places?

The problem is that a lot of other places in Canada (and some in the States!) insist that “here for a good time” was written about their city.

So, let’s use Chief Dave’s criteria, and say that until somebody shows some proof (and like he said, not hearsay), then it’s not a valid claim.  Personally, I’ve never heard it was about Prince Rupert until I moved here.  Pretty much everybody else thinks its about somewhere else.

“Santa Maria”, however, was written here, years before they wrote “we’re here for a good time.”    In my opinion, people have just confused the two until the “fact” became part of the folklore of Prince Rupert.

I can’t believe I am in an argument about Trooper!
I posted I heard from a friend of a friend to illustrate that the statement about the songs origin is exactly that, hearsay, I hold about as much water as my statement. As for Santa Maria who cares? we were talking about another song, and it could be possible trooper went on a song writing binge on tugwell island inspired by “a  drunken boat cruise”  lol

I can’t believe you won’t admit you were wrong.  MiG rules! :smiley:

Except that the songs weren’t written at the same time, nor are they on the same album.

I don’t think “We’re here for a good time” was about Rupert at all.  A much easier explanation (occam’s razor and all of that), is that the song was written about Vancouver – where they band spent a lot more of their time.  They grew up there and lived most of their lives in that “rainy city.”

I also think that people in Rupert have twisted “Santa Maria” was written near Prince Rupert to “We’re here for a good time” is about Prince Rupert.  It’s become part of the folklore of the city.  Whether it’s accurate or not, it’s something we repeat over and over again.

But that’s just my opinion.

It’s not about “right and wrong”, hitest.  But I’ve heard this from people in Halifax, St. John’s, Marystown, NL (!),  Corner Brook, Sydney NS, Seattle, etc.  All of them insist the song is about their town. 

And they all might be right.  But in the absence of other evidence,  it’s more likely it’s about the band’s home town.

True.  Well-said, MiG:-)

“Just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.” George Costanza

A fine piece of marketing from Trooper.  Don’t name the rainy city in your song and then make every place think that it’s about them.  I’m sure we can find someone from Saskatoon or Winnipeg to say this song was written in and about their city while Trooper was touring during a prairie storm.

I understand that they wrote “Boys in the Bright White sports car” while coming out of Bogey’s during the bar crowd hours on one of their many visits north. It was about a former local politician and his automobile.

And “Three dressed up as a Nine” came together at the end of the infamous Civic Centre show of the summer of 1979, most of the crowd had headed for downtown as the boys left the rink, only a few fans had remained behind for autographs.


I personally know Stan and Jerry, niether of them is or was a local politician, they are from Metlakatla.

They wrote “Round, Round We Go”  when they got lost on the way to Solly’s and ended up in Seal Cove circle.

“Raise A Little Hell” was inspired when they try to cross from the Empress to the Belmont on a busy Saturday night.

And then there’s the heart wrenching story behind “Oh Pretty Lady”,
which is about a waitress at Rhodos. Seems the band had a post show dinner at the restaurant and discovered that nobody had their credit cards on hand.

Hence the hat in my hand line…

So after a song for their supper, the waitress picked up the tab…