Prince rupert cops bust tomato crop

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[quote]VANCOUVER - Red-faced police officers in Prince Rupert on B.C.'s north coast were looking for a marijuana grow-op came up with a tomato-grow-op instead.
Commercial fisherman Bruce Aleksich said Tuesday that about 15 RCMP officers burst into his business last Thursday, only to find 400 tomato plants in various stages of growth.

After a bleak spring, Aleksich said he decided to grow the tomatoes under lights.
When RCMP arrived at about 9 p.m., Aleksich told them he was a gardener with nothing but tasty tomatoes in the building.

Nevertheless, Aleksich, two employees and two visitors were forced to the ground.
“They had us on the floor for over an hour,” he said. “All of us were cuffed. I don’t know how it got to the point where guns were drawn.

Aleksich said he has heard nothing from the RCMP about their mistake.

“You’d think they would be embarrassed,” he said. “I just wanted them to say it was a mistake. People now assume I was growing marijuana.”

Aleksich said his two visitors, a friend from Victoria and his girlfriend, were looking at real estate.

“I don’t think he’s going to buy land here after that,” said Aleksich.

An RCMP spokesman could not be reached.[/quote]

That’s some fine police work there, Lou.

That sucks for the guy involved. Nobody wants to be accused of something they didn’t do.

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Ah it’s so hard to put a price on reputation in a small town.

But I’m sure the lawyers will come up with a figure.

You can see how they’d have made the mistake, though.  BC Hydro probably notified them of a big increase in their electricity bill.

So we can assume that their faces were as red as the serge they wear on ceremonial occassions i guess…

Bad intel on this one…

Maybe he’s growing them for the Thursday night market, he’ll be the only produce guy on site…

All the same, I’d love to buy some tomatoes – what kind were they? 

The lawyer thing kind of catch 22. I’m sure all the guy wants is a sincere apology. Perhaps a public one. There’s no way the RCMP lawyers would let them do such a thing for fear of repercussions in the courts in case of a lawsuit. It’s the lack of an apology that will lead to such a lawsuit.

As embarrassing and upsetting this incident probably was to the people involved, I would think that if a senior RCMP member came by and explained what let to them coming there and why certain procedures had to be taken, it would all work out.

Yeah, BC needs a “no-fault” apology law.

So much crap could be avoided with an apology.

Wow…that’s a mess up and a half on RCMP’s part.
Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me. Hope the guy gets an apology.

Good luck on the apology.  Innocent people are charged everyday as part of procedure.

Here’s an example.  Say your kid is selling pot to his friends and keeps the pot hidden in your basement.  One of his friends rats him out, the cops will crash through your door and
every person in the house over the age of seventeen will be charged . Why? Because legally it could belong to anyone.
So do not believe everything you read as innocent people are charged often.

Okay I read in the province that this guy had 400 + tomatoe plants … not jumping to conclusions but come on … you really are just asking for the police to raid your house. I would have told BC HYDRO look I am turning my house into a hot house to grow tomatoe to supply all of the North Coast, come and visit my house  haha!

that made me lol :smiley: and so true, I would put inform in advance, so I wouldn’t be thrown to the ground with a gun pointed at me :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that must have been the bust I watched from my house across the street - the Marine Exchange building.

Either that or maybe the RCMP should do a bit more investigation before they kick down your door.  Why the hell should I have to explain myself to avoid having my house raided and guns pointed at me. RCMP incompetence sure as fuck isnt a good enough reason.

In any event we could just stop fostering the culture of  fear around marijuana and legalize the shit then we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems.