Prince Rupert Cinemas

We went to the Cinemas Friday night. Cinema #2. Felt itchi after the movie. Next day we noticed lil red bites on arms wrist areas and very darn itchi. Anyone else experience this after coming from the cinemas. We are moderate users of the facility and this is the first time we are experiencing this.

Please be very careful it could be Bed Bugs they are rampant in the city… very difficult to get rid of if you take them home…

I have heard rumors the past of people finding them there so I been avoiding the movies every since.

Hmmm I too was at the movies a few weeks ago and had a bite mark above my wrist that was super itchy (i thought it was a mosquito or noseeum bite to be honest at the time)…I had not even thought it was related to going to the movies or potentially a bed bug bite…but after this post I certainly am now wondering if that is the case.

[quote=“jamesbrown”]Please be very careful it could be Bed Bugs they are rampant in the city… very difficult to get rid of if you take them home…

I have heard rumors the past of people finding them there so I been avoiding the movies every since.[/quote]

A lady mentioned that on FB the other day, she took her grandchildren to the movies a few weeks back and felt itchy while she was there but didn’t concern herself too much. She heard from her daughter a few days later, her children had bites on their backs, their legs and arms and she was taking all their clothes, bedding etc. to the laundromat to triple clean it. I don’t even know if pest control can do anything about this, bed bugs are resilient to pesticides. Maybe Jackie should be warned if she hasn’t been already !

Who can we contact regarding this for an inspection? Northern Health? We do love going out to watch movies and support our local Theater and would love to continue going if they can resolve this health issue.

I will never go there again till they resolve this problem. YUCKYYYYY

I would definitely start there and if they can’t help you, they can direct you to someone who can.

I’m going to go again soon and I will have a thorough look before I sit down, and if there is an issue , I’ll let Jackie know…rather than calling the health authorities on her as she might not even be aware there is an issue… If there IS an issue to begin with.

I was speaking with the manager this morning in regards to this said problem . She told me that this has all been addressed by Health Officials and the Pest control people and there is no Bed Bug problem just rumors again with the help of this media . Myself , I have nothing to say because my ass can not sit through any movie or any theater .

Good to hear, Justin.

Bed bugs can be found in any public spaces and they are rampant in town, mostly at apartment units and a low end hotel here currently but easily carried from one place to another so its not just the cinemas. I found one once at a restaurant, thankfully i spotted it and never brought it home. Treating a 1 bedroom apartment starts at at least $1000 and normally at least 2 sprayings are required.

Glad to hear they are not invested with them at the cinemas but any public place they can be present

How about contacting the cinema, I’m sure if they were informed they would act upon it

I would not worry about it unless your genitals were itchy !!! Jk

This is all rumours and nothing more. I know people that work at the the cinemas. They have two different health inspections come in every month going over the food area and each cinema with a fine tooth comb. They also constantly clean each seat. I guess people feel the need to gossip and create false stories to feel important these days.

I was there on Thursday night and inspected my seat thoroughly before sitting down, took my coat off and watch the movie. Next morning I woke up with 15 bites on my body , on my arms and lower back, right close to the waist line area. I was not wanting to believe that the bites on my wrists the last time were from the theatre but I firmly believe they DO have a problem in that second theatre. I did nothing out of the normal during my day or night , both this trip and last and both times now I have gotten bites after leaving the theatre… This time I got way more bites and they itchy as hell. I am convinced something is defintrly going on in that 2nd theatre. This totally sucks because I love going and now I’m way to sketched out to go again.

Oh and this is NOT a false story. I am a huge supporter of the cinema and love going, it is one of the few amenities we have on town that I am very thankful for , so I am very concerned right now and hesitant to go back. I have had no new bites show up in the days following my visits either, so the only common factor each time is the cinema.

bed bugs or any bugs are not predictable, just because something is inspected doesn’t mean they wont occur following an inspection… they are in people’s home and on their clothing and travel on things… it was never a put down of the cinema and not everything negative is gossip and rumors

I’m curious if people are just being paranoid about this. Are they bed bug bites for sure? Or are you just getting bitten by something else, and getting paranoid in thinking the bites are from bed bugs? Could it be Fleas? Or some other pest? Have you been diagnosed with bed bug bites?

Going to a doctor for an opinion would be too easy…

Or even google…

Correlation does not prove causation. That is, because you have some bites and itchiness does not prove you got bitten at the theater. You may have been bitten elsewhere. Just a thought.