Possibly stolen bikes

hi all, me again, woke up sunday morning to 5 bikes being gone!

this time they took my bike, my wifes, my sons, and my 2 daughters, all in one go.

its possible its kids who are just borrowing them, but I dont think they took the adult


also missing is a purple 16 inch girls bike, white tires, all purple and blue parts.

I was up late working on a bike I had just been given, and before I went to bed I

checked on them, they were fine, woke up this morning, and our bikes were either

gone or scatered around our lawn, they left all the ones with flats and took all the

working ones…

I really hope that someone just borrowed them, and they plan on bringing them back

and please before people start bitching about locks and hiding them in my attic, kids

borrow our bikes all day, and the locking gate at the back is to high for them to reach.

so please, keep an eye out for any of these bikes, call 250-600-0574 if you spot one,

thanks for any help, m.

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you are your own soap sitcom or better yet prince Rupert Trailer park boys…

It just never ends, good luck on the new episode of “those damn bikes are gone once again”.

but really “good luck in finding them” :smiley:


The third one might be the one I saw resting up against a tree/shrub outside of the Anchor Inn yesterday.

Oh come on… just how many times are you going to post in here regarding stolen bikes? Either put them away where people can’t get to them or STFU when they go missing. You’re basically doing everything short of posting a big neon sign that says “steal me”.

Seriously–better locks. If traditional bike locks aren’t working, buy a few feet of chain and a monster-huge padlock.

hey smurtfette, whats your problem, i asked for help, and you rip into me, look if you

dont have something helpful to say, STFU.

thanks for the tip on the green giant.

looks like the graham ave bike thieves are at it again, as the grey white one was stolen about 3-4 months ago, by a IC of the graham ave area…from my talks with people around the area, he’s been know to steal bikes. he’s like 15 and his parents think he’s an angel…

What kind of assholes steals almost entire familys bikes? from BC housing? its not like were rich here, and I dont keep them all locked up becuase local kids borrow them all day, and they bring them back.

Don’t generalize like that, you have absolutely no proof that he’s stolen a single one of your bikes.

You asked who steals bikes from BC Housing… Honestly? Probably kids that live near BC Housing.

This whole stolen bikes thing is getting old, I used to have some sympathy for you, but if your bikes are being stolen this often I have none anymore.

Either do a better job taking care of them, or you can’t possibly want them enough for me to care to help you or for you to have them back at all. :smiley:

Dude.  YOU STFU.  You are wasting valuable forum space.  Get yourself a shed, and put a lock on it.  Done.  If you’re poor, then just take all your bikes in your house.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!  Stop lending them out.  Obviously it isn’t working. 

Didn’t your wife recently lose her wallet, too?  Perhaps your whole family needs some more lessons in how to look after their belongings. 

come on people, its better then TV, i like all the drama that this family is going through makes me feel good about my life… :stuck_out_tongue:

look asshairs, you dont like my threads dont f-ing read them, its your choice to click
the link and read it.

yes I lend bikes to all the poor poor children, where in my house am I supposed to put 18 bikes?!!?

whats wrong smurfette? you got something againt poor kids? people in BC housing? people who own bikes?

many people around our area leave bikes outside our houses, if someone in our area takes a bike, how F_ING hard do you think it would be to find it?

3 of 5 bikes taken have been found either by moresby, 2nd ave side, under the 2nd ave bridge or in the bushs in the waterfront area in front of graham/atlin, so where exactly is the generalization?

I know he took it, who finds a bike, tears off all the stickers, replaces a bunch of parts, and keeps it? A THIEF DOES!!! Either way, he was in possession of stolen property,PERIOD.

the Green Giant wasnt by Anchor Inn, thanks anyways tho, I phoned down there as soon as I read the reply, and the lady who answered was a real bitch, WTF is wrong with Prince Rupert? I asked real nice, if someone at the hotel could take a quick peek outside to see if it was still there, she accused me of making a prank call? I said, Im sorry for bugging you guys, Ill just come down and check myself, which is what I did.

DONT WORRY PRINCE RUPERT, IVE GIVEN UP LETTING CHILDREN BORROW THEM. ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW!?!? No ones going to steal our bikes anymore. way to kick someone trying to help kids, what next? you going down to the SA to piss in thier no-name cornflakes!

as for all the police reports, ITS THEFT! A CRIME! What are the police for?

from the sounds of it, Id say smurfette was maybe IC’s parent? a parent from Anuncation who saw/heard of the bust going down?

I found the purple/blue one at the 2nd ave moresby entrance, about 4 houses away from the young fellows house who was found with my daughters bmx at ananciation school. the chain was broken, and rear flat, guess he couldnt ride it any further.

how much space is on the HTMF servers? they cant store 100k of text?
is this server up only for the benefit of people debating if pink is the new black?
once again, you dont want to help, cant help, or offer a word of support, please feel free to read one of the many other exciting posts on this most wonderful of servers.

kalid: you want to come over and teach us that lesson?

when she lost it, it was pouring rain, blowing winds, 9:30 at night while she was carrying a 3 month old baby by herself, you dont know fuck all about us, so please keep your comments limited to:

“im an ass who likes to kick people when their down.”

Well “dad” if you don’t like our replies, don’t read them. It’s your choice.

Just like it’s your choice to leave your bikes where people can steal them. You clearly have a lot of bikes. Some of them you loan out to the local kids. I think that’s pretty cool of you. Looking back to your original post though, you state that they stole the personal bikes of your kids and wife. If you have bikes that mean something to you, then lock them up.

Otherwise you’re just calling wolf and around here the only person who worries much about wolf calls is Astro.

Seriously people, you’re obviously wasting time on this guy.

It’s his own recurring easy-to-solve-problem anyway, so why bother caring him when he can’t seem to look after his stuff for the 50000000th time already.

And speaking of that, here in Vancouver people seem to don’t get that leaving stuff in the car in plain view would lead to car theft and stuff… O_o

Anyways, I think we’re all being trolled here.  :smiley:

see, this is what happens when you let your women out of the kitchen.  Did you let her have shoes too?

seriously tho, wtf are you doing with 18 bikes?  I thought you people were supposed to collect cats.  invest in a couple of U-locks and maybe this wouldn’t happen anymore…stop whining about your stolen bikes and expecting others to help you when you aren’t willing to even do the basics to help yourself. 

The Judge has Spoken

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I’d be happy to.  It’s a very basic thing, really.  I know exactly what it is like to try to balance many things while dealing with shitty weather - but I’m not about to explain them to you because obviously you are being picked on/shit on/handed a shitty ass life/or whatever it is you feel about the responses some of us post to you - which is a normal response from someone completely on the defensive.  How do I know that you are being defensive?  You post a seemingly neutral thing, then when people respond honestly you read it as them judging you.  Granted, some of us probably are judging you - but what have you given us to go on?

  • stolen bikes - it took you what, two or three times of posting about it and getting responses to all of a sudden come out with “I let all the underprivileged kids near our place use our bikes so you all should bow down to what a good thing I am doing and help me find the bikes!”  Don’t get me wrong - if you do lend the bikes to other kids to use that is fucking fantastic - but if you are lending bikes with zero security when the bikes aren’t in use - then you get zero sympathy.  There are two ways (could be more) that I can think of that would remedy this problem.  Get a numbered lock for each bike and give the kids you trust the combos - OR - since you’ve told us that you work from home, why not just lock up the bikes and if someone wants to borrow the bike then they can ask you.  THEN you will know who had the bike last.  Granted - sometimes kids forget and might leave a bike somewhere else and THEN it gets swiped - but since you are so much of a humanitarian I know you won’t come on here and complain.  

You say you shouldn’t have to lock up the bikes, that people should have a conscience and just not steal them.  Soooo by that token if you had a vehicle - you would drive it around and not lock it - then cry foul to the cops that your car was stolen because you didn’t lock it???  Hellooo??  The logic getting through yet?

[quote=“Judge_Mental”]seriously tho, wtf are you doing with 18 bikes? 

Irony in waiting?

Irony…thing that makes clothes flat?

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