Port Rumour

So I heard today that there is going to be big announcement at the Crest on Friday regarding the Port and the container terminal. Anyone have anything to add to that? Something about some cash the port needed has come through or something?

Also heard through a reliable source that there is going to be some positive things happen about the mill too in the next couple of weeks.

Dude, April 1st has come and gone :laughing: But I will wait on the edge of my chair in eager anticipation.

Ahhh, the second Prince Rumor I’ve heard today.

False hopes…

I’ve heard something along the same lines…

I work at the Crest and the rumour is true. The only that thing that is up in the air is where exactly the announcement is being held. It was supposed to be at the Hotel, but for some reason they may have it at the Museum now. Some organizational screw-up on their part.

From what I have heard it is a big announcement. Something along the lines that the money that they were waiting for has come through. They are bringing in press from all over to cover it. All we can do is wait and see. Should be good though.

On CBC a couple of minutes ago they announced that plans are going ahead for the container port in Prince Rupert. It will be ready in Dec.2006 and will traffic more containers than Vancouver currentlyu does. Sounded like they said $30 million from each ogvernemnt, however only one sentence or so before that was when I woke up :wink:,

Haha Ok, i was alittle off, but Ottawa is chipping in $30mil

theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ … s/Canadian

Here’s the google news link to stories about the container port:


So about $155 of the $170 million is already on the table? OR is that proposed contributions only. I know where I’m going to be looking for work come summer 2006 :smile:

Canadian National = $15mil, trying for $30.
Maher Terminals Inc = $60mil
PR Port Authority = $20mil
BC Government = $30mil
Fed Government = $30mil

$155mil, but with the $15mil from CN, $170…

I see

As a construction worker? I’d move back to Rupert in a heartbeat for a job like that.

Holy crap dude, where have you been? Long time pal! :smiley:

Uhm, mostly working until recently. I was cutting down trees. Who are you?


Speaking of rumours, did anyone read the newspaper this week?

Sure, lots of people read the Daily News :laughing:

But seriously, I didn’t see that one coming, after the expansion and all.

Can someone fill me in?

so what sort of spinoff jobs are going to be created by this ? lots of big numbers being thrown around by Krusel but does anyone have any specific idea of how this is going to affect workers in our region?

NWW employees all recieved their 2 weeks notice on Wednesday.

Crazy shit… Paper is closing down huh? Only the Daily Snooze is left?

What paper is closing down ?