Poll Locked

Why was my Poll locked, so people who do read my newsletter won’t get a chance to vote and as for the crack about writers being gay, I don’t write girly crap, I write about monsters, demons, people with super powers. Creatures from your worst nightmares that keep you awake all night long I call friend. I write about zombies, demons eating the very souls out of people and about actors being gay, I’d like dyan to be in a locked room with Stallone or Van Damme after saying that, see how fast he or she gets their ass kicked.

Isn’t Van Damme a ballerina?

to all of our suprise eso van damme…is a replicant of the true van damme…who is infact a ballerina

the van damme mr zedd is speaking of is a bad boy and kills bad mommies…heh good movie gotta check it out just to see van damme playing a serial killer

Replicant > search for it on imdb

Dude, the Spaceballs signature is money.

I must admit, that Spaceballs signature is cool.

isn’t zedd the name of the gay guy who rapes marcellus wallace in pulp fiction?

I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction. Besides, take a look at the avitar, does that look like the guy from Pulp Fiction! This is the villian, the monster from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2 and 3. He married Rita Repulsa, a woman! He makes monsters out of anything he points his staff at. He’s the meanest guy in the galaxy. He kills for pleasure! He conquers entire Galaxies as his job! Pay attention! Hello, it turned a pirhana fish into the PIRHANTISHEAD, he turned a magnet into the MAGNETBRAIN, he turned a statue into NIMROD, THE SCARLET SENTENIAL! He turned a picture of a hyena into the SKELERINA! He turned a decoy Bookula into BAD BOOKULA, he turned a toy cannon into CANNONTOP, He turned a handsaw into the JAWS-OF-DESTRUCTION, He trapped the rangers into a story book and released MONDO the MAGICAN, That’s the Zedd I’ve named myself after, if you watched POWER RANGERS then you would know.

You’re serious?!

Yes, I’m DEADLY series, I know it’s just a TV show. So don’t even go there. But it’s a very entertaining and straight TV show. I was clarafying which Zedd I named myself after.

Remember when Zedd freed that Ivan Oose guy? That was crazy. Best Power Rangers movie ever, I tell ya’.

G-Spot rocks the g-spot.

i keep thinking your some sort of troll with ninja skills, but no, you’re for real… ahaha

That part seems trollish. The rest is very convincing.

It’s a troll! Must be eso. Or vlad.

Not just a TV show. A children’s TV show.

It’s Zed. And Marsellus Wallace.

All I can say is I hope this dude isnt really 34 and know’s this much about MMPR’s. know anything about calvin and hobbes??

leave Calvin and Hobbes outta this.

that stuffs just weird, but the idea that people like you exist scares me… :open_mouth: :confused: i have to go curl up in a corner now :unamused:

haha you said nimrod…haha man that crap is seriously some far out stuff and apparently your punctuation hasn’t improved much since grade 8 has it ?

If we watched power rangers we would be joining in on a discussion of who is the bigger villian. Nimrod or Magnet Brain shakes head Get a life dude , you can’t possibly be a writer/producer/actor and if you were than you probably just try to write yourself into power rangers storylines.

Oh no! look the pink ranger has gone evil! ahhh

Ah, the Power Rangers… the characters millions of 4 year olds dressed up as for Halloween 10 or so years ago.

CHILDREN! Not 34 year olds! Grow up already!