Pizza Pockets and Tang

The Podunkian has a bit on Hollywood and his travels, my question is what did he bring back for the city and the people? What did he bring back from China/ Not even the money owing for the mill one special deal I would say. What has he got for the fishing? For the Villages? He probably furnished his house on Graham with cute little Trinkets. He is a wanna-be, looking for a job and a pension. A man on his own adventures.

This is pathetic.

each to their own…

By all means, disagree with whoever you want–I could care less… but the OP is pretty low quality.

If we’re rating the quality of people’s posts, then I have to subtract marks from your post.

You probably meant “I couldn’t care less.” And you should use ‘whomever’ instead of ‘whoever’ in that sentence.


Lol, this is true. I just can’t believe this isn’t wastelanded, though. If that doesn’t qualify as slanderous character assassination I don’t know what does.

I do not believe Justin Case meant any form of Slander in his post, I think that he may be trying to speak about how he saw the last few years. Maybe others have seen the same but do not wish to think about it. There could be some truth to the issue,

In my opinion, it’s a lot tamer than Saltybear’s craziness:

There’s a difference between being an ignorant ass and being slanderous.

If you don’t agree with Justin Case, then point out where you disagree.  We don’t move posts to the wasteland just because somebody disagrees with an opinion.

Pretty weak sauce, in my opinion, to say a post is “low quality” and not even address anything it says.  If it’s such “low quality” then why are you even participating in the thread?

Nonsense! :unamused:
We will only move a post to the wasteland if it needs to be moved.  We are more than tolerant with you, eccentric.  Give me a break.

If Herb should get elected will that make him a small Pond in a large pond?

Saltybear is Bill Belsey. 

No need to insult Saltybear just because you disagree with him.

Double whammy! LOL!

Bill made some bonehead statements when singing in Gordo’s choir.
I would like to think some of his really dumb statements were the result of him having a streak of human decency in him, resulting in a conflicted man, specially when he was trying to rationalize Gordo’s heavy hand (I think this is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever said about Bill).
However I think he would resent the accusation of being Saltybear.

I do believe it is libel, not slander.

I will say there was no slander meant with my comments, I feel it is my right to express my toughts on politics no matter what party. I as a citizen from this community was not impressed with how our former mayor and council operated. I was being very straight up re what has Pr. Rupert got back from all those trips. What was our lose with the taxes on the mill and how much further are we with connecting with Port Simpson. I do not call that slander by being vocal on how I see things and being pissed off about that bullshit word BOOM just more lies. If this goes to the wasteland due to my honest opinion so be it, I apoligize for being straight up those who know me are used to it.

Good on ya JustinCase…
Some of it I agree with …some I dont.  Thats your opinion and post away!
You have enough respect and experience in the city and within the political realm to have an informed opinion.
Keep up the good work…it is appreciated.

Then leave it at that! That’s a perfectly honest, fair representation of your opinion. If you have other things to talk about regarding politics, have at 'er. What you did was simply a personal attack. Just because you say, “well that’s my personal political opinion,” doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want about someone… at least it shouldn’t.

Thanks DonGiovanni, but I’m pretty sure I did mean slander. JustinCase’ post was a malicious, false attack on the person, not his politics.

Thanks DonGiovanni, but I’m pretty sure I did mean slander.[/quote]

Slander = spoken.  Libel = written.  So unless you heard him say this in person, then yeah, it’s libel, not slander.

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