Pilly is nasty

Why does everyone drink Pilly? Its the worst beer besides bull max, and Iron horse. Ive Tried many beers in my life and pilly is ranked pretty high in my nasty beer list, Probly Number one.
I would rather drink horse piss, and if i was stranded on a island i would rather drink dirt than pilly.

Pilly > you
I am a Corona guy tho. But when I’m too much of a cheap ass, a case of pilsner/lucky does me just great! :astonished:

I like Pilly because its more of a bitter beer, it definately is not for everyone though.

:astonished: BURN!


[quote=“Corrupt_File”]Pilly > you
I am a Corona girl tho. But when I’m too much of a cheap ass, a case of pilsner/lucky does me just great! :astonished:


Hey man, drink what you like, and don’t hate on others for what they like. I like to mix things up a little and have different beers every now and then, but right now I’m working on the old Silver Bullet.

shaftebury 4/20 : not very good.


Clever thought there. Props :unamused:

Hows the new Molson Kick with caffeine, anyone try it?

Don’t do it!!! It’s pretty bad, actually.

Kick keeps you up at night, and in my oppinion doesn’t taste very good at all. Also in my oppinion?.. Starting a thread about how much you hate Pilsner and claiming that you would rather eat dirt than drink a beer, just makes you sound like an idiot, Yngwie. Brews I have purchased in the last 2 weeks include Stella, Corona, Canadian, Bud, and my current favorite Thirsty Beaver, which is brewed just down the street at the Tree micro-brewery.

We’ll all i know after drinkin that 40’ of bullmax then anything tastes good. but then again i know people that love Bullmax, Im a Coors/Pilly fan

and Molson KICK is the beer for maylong.

I find that beer with caffiene in it dosent do anything. I think its just a gimic to make sales.

haha, shotgun 3 of them and tell me it doesn’t do anything!

Labatt now has a caffine Drink out, I might try a bit of that one and kick, and see whats better. Caffine beer is definatly for maylong. Wake up at noon and slam a couple kicks, and you’re good to go for a few hours.

FEAR NO BEER!!! -quote northern breeze’s cooler

Theres as much caffiene in 6 beer as two caffiene pills… Why not get good beer like mgd and take a couple of caffiene pills. Caffiene dihidrates you, dehidration causes hangovers, do does beer. Have fun!

Bahh… Caffine pills take too long to work, and by that time you got so impatent that you take 10 of them. Oh man, 2 or 3 maylongs ago Joel Mez was hung over from a flat a beer that he drank the night before that the next morning he ate an entire bottle of caffine pills. Later that day it got to 25 or so degrees outside and he was sunburned all over. I remember seeing him sitting halfway in the bush dripping with sweat and shivering. I would rather be shot then end up like that.

If he took a whole bottle of caffiene pills thats 100 pills. 90 Is considered a lethal dosage.

He was in pretty rough shape needless to say. Changing colors every 10 mins.

why do you need to stay up so late? if you’re playing your cards right, you should be in bed by 1, an hour of calisthenics, and 8 hours of sleep for the next day. eat some good food, get plenty of liquids, and you’re not looking super haggard from saturday morning on. fo cheez boys…all the pretty girls are in bed by 130 anyway…


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