Picton must serve 25 years before he can apply for parole

I heard on the 6:00 PM news on CBC radio that Picton will serve 25 years before he can apply for parole.  A good sentence.

If I was Judge, I’d have gone the Pontius Pilate route:
You’ve been found guilty and I sentence you to time served. And by God, if anyone out there harms a hair on your head I’ll fine them $100"

I don’t quite fathom what you are trying to say by that…explain/elaborate please.

He should have gotten 25 yrs per count. he was found gulity on 6 counts so it should have been 25 x 6 = 150 years. total

Meaning if one of those hooker’s Dads ground Picton into sausage meat, he’d be fined $100

I’m thinking like the Prime Minister. Someone else executed him, it shouldn’t be our concern…

Yeah, not sure I understand you fully there Herbie.  You want a back alley execution because you think he deserves it? 

Agreed.  However, under the law the maximum time he is required to serve before receiving parole with a second degree murder charge is 25 years.  I think he should be declared a dangerous offender, then he’d never get out.  The judge rightly gave him the maximum sentence.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Canadians see vigilante justice as an option in Picton’s case.  However, even with all of its flaws I still like the Canadian legal system.

You think he deserves to live fairly well on my taxes for he rest of his life?  I don’t think so.  In cases like this, capital punishment is warranted.  I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers to flip the switch!

In Picton’s case I do indeed have mixed feelings about the fact that there is no death penalty in Canada.

25 years for 6 murders is ridiculous!  A couple of people here say Canada has a good system? Come on, this sentance averages to just over 4 years per murder, quite a low regard for human life in Canada! I have a few people who are worth 4.16 of my life! LMAO!!!

The sentence was 25 years to life…and he can’t apply for parole for 25 years.  He will never be paroled.  He will die in prison.

25 years - 6 years already served = 19 years to go. Dosen’t that sound great.

[quote]Clifford Olson is arguably the most notorious serial killer in Canadian history. He confessed in 1982 to killing 11 young men and women as young as nine years old.

Even after he was caught red-handed, he was still able to strike a controversial deal with police. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police paid his family $100,000 in exchange for Olsen’s help leading investigators to the remaining bodies.

Now, 25 years into his life sentence, prison psychiatrists say, Olson shows no remorse. He has since claimed to have committed anywhere from 80 to 200 murders. And by his own admission, the self-proclaimed “beast of British Columbia” is likely to kill again.

So it came as no surprise in July 2006 when a jury quashed his request for early eligibility for parole. [/quote]

Picton will be behind bars for the rest of his life people…

I don’t think he’ll ever get out of prison.  After 25 years ( six served already) he can apply for parole, he will be just under 80 years old.  I am certain his application for parole will be denied.

As Astro mentioned Clifford Olson was able to apply for parole after serving 25 years, his application was denied.

I’m surprised no one in prison has killed him yet.  I don’t really believe he’ll be in there his whole sentence, or ever get parole for that matter.

Nah, he won’t be out before he’s dead. He’s serving six ‘consecutive’ life sentences with the eligibility of parole in 25yrs. That means he’ll serve twenty-five, apply for parole, be denied and then serve five more twenty-five year terms.

Err, or that’s what I thought the sentence was…

I’m surprised no one in prison has killed him yet.  I don’t really believe he’ll be in there his whole sentence, or ever get parole for that matter.[/quote]

Why would they kill him? He’s in jail with other killers and people who commit serious crimes. He’ll fit in fine. In prison culture he has nothing to worry about. If he was a serial child molester he might have to be worried, but killing hookers? They’ll probably make him party planner of the prisoner social committee.

If they turned down Latimer for parole, Picton will be getting out of prison in a wooden box.
They turned Latimer down for not being remorseful about doing what he wouldn’t have even considered doing unless you were in his shoes… which they aren’t.
Sort of interesting, if you shot Hitler, they’d jail you for murder. When you were up for parole review, they would turn you down if you weren’t remorseful for shooting Hitler. Germans would write letters to the Parole Board to keep you in, because you shot Hitler, therefore you must be made and example of, lest other people feel justified shooting Germans because Hitler was one…

Mr Gandhi-man please to be granting us your observations on this catch-22 

Agreed.  You have a very limited shelf life if you’re a child predator…lots of the cons doing hard time have kids on the outside.