Picton must serve 25 years before he can apply for parole

Please explain further? I’m a father of a 12 years old disabled boy, I know a few more people here have children with disabilities. so please clarify for us what you meant by that…

Two things I know about Lattimer:  when he was in his early twenties he was charged with the sexual  assault of a fifteen year old girl, who refused to testify.  Charges were dropped.  And in the case of his daughter, he had been withholding painkillers before her death.  The guy is a remorseless control freak.  Always will be.

Neither (I can’t say facts, you provide no sources) is common knowledge. I can only base my rantings on what IS gathered from common knowledge, editorial or news. Which has relayed to us all that his daughter was not getting relief from pain, leading him to act as he did.

As for Astrothug’s question: that’s exactly what the Hitler comparison was alluding to. Because Latimer acted as he did in no way says that is how you should, or others should, or that anyone use a wide brush to paint their way to an opinion. Should I have had my kid sister ‘put down’ cuz she had an immune deficiency? Of course not! Should my penta-plegic uncle have died instead? Of course not!
If my gf got bit by some Uber-nasty Aussie critter and was laying there screaming for 12 hours while her bones cracked in convulsions and we’re 12 hours in the outback? JUST MAYBE…
I’m not HIM and you’re not HIM so who knows for sure?

The point is, nothing good is coming from keeping the guy locked up. Justice and Punishment are not the same thing.

A life is a life, regardless if the person is disabled or not. A disabled person is no less human then you or me. Disabled people have the same right as everyone else and more. A disabled person has the right to community, work, love, to make informed dissentions for them-selves.|

The law is not allowed to weigh the quality of life of someone like Tracy Latimer. I am thankful that I live in a country that still protects its most vulnerable citizens.

Tracy Latimer was a human being who at times suffered considerable pain. The quality of her life was limited by her severe disability. But the pain she suffered was not unremitting, and her life had value and quality.
Tracy enjoyed outings, one of which was to the circus, where she smiled when the horses went by. She also responded to visits by her family, smiling and looking happy to see them.

Latimer acted as if he was god and took the life of his child; he had options, giving up his child to the province, a group home. What he did was selfish.    The court system did the right thing for a few reasons if you let Latimer go, you are setting a president to other parents “It’s ok to kill your disabled childrenâ€

Well said Astro

Though I agree with Astro on the subject, I disagree with the Parole Board. The guy’s served 10 years. Justice has been served, the message of the Court has been served (hell that was served the minute it overturned the Jury recommendation) and the point has been made.
Latimer’s remorse is moot, because his belief is so strong the only thing he’s ever gonna remorse about doing it is for serving such a long sentence.

For more “facts” on the Latimer case, try chninternational.com/tenyearsmin.htm

I’m in Latimer shoes, my son had a stroke at one years of age, he can’t talk, has paralysis on his left side, has had surgeries, the thought never ever crossed my mind that he would be better off he died. How selfish is that.
Latimer is in prison and there he should stay until his sentence is finished.  For god’s sake he feels no remorse for what he did…[/quote]

Be careful here Astro. I’m not saying that I agree with what Latimer did, or even that I disagree with you on this topic. You’re clearly not in his shoes though as only he can know for sure what motivated him to do what he did. I’m not expert, but to come even close to being in his shoes your son would have to have the exact same condition. From your description it doesn’t sound like that is true.