Pet peeve

Arrghh,  I am tired of my dog getting worms cause he goes to the bathroom in the grassy areas and it appears that I am alone in picking up after him.  The street I live on has lots of dogs and I watch out the window how very few people pick up after their dogs, i have seen people let their dogs into other people’s yards to do their business and look around to see who might be watching.  I am tired of having to watch where i walk cause some inconsiderate butthead is to lazy to pick up.  The downtown streets even get bad and I had one shopkeeper tell me he has to clean up a couple times a week in front of his store.  These are the same people who scream " my dog is friendly, won’t hurt a soul" as the dog charges towards you.  My little dog is shy and being terrorized by a bunch of off leash dogs sucks.  It happens pretty much everyday!  COME ON PEOPLE, BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS!!!

And, did anyone ever tell people that its not cool when crossing the street to be texting, stop and chat with friends in the middle of the crosswalk, slowly slowly walk across, jump out without looking and all the other dumb things people do.  I think some people crossing at the busy Bargain Center intersection are looking for a retirement plan, no kidding…it’s awful.  Where did respect for a vehicle go?  Most of the offenders are young too, see lots of little old ladies and gents busting butt to get across but not the younger bunch…

whew, that is a couple peeves… that and the weather but i can’t say much about that…just try and move to a warmer climate someday. 


I was approaching the intersection of MC bride and 3rd one day, my light was green and I was ready to go, when three 15ish year old girls trotted their way across the street in front of me, didn’t even look, didn’t even press and wait for the walk button. They were completely and totally oblivious to me waiting for them in my truck untill I layed on the horn and scared the crap out of them. One screamed, I heard another cursing at me. I yelled out the window, “next time look before you cross”.

… thats settled im moving to terrace then.  I was weighing my options and stupid pedestrians is just the straw that broke the camels back.

It’s not just here…

It’s happened to me in terrace.

I care less about terrace people so I will just run them over.


It gets so you have to watch for pedestrians, when really, they should be watching for you. “pedestrians have the right of way.” Yeah well, you won’t be saying that when you’re leaying in a hospital injured, or worse, dead, cause you walked out at the last minute and a car didn’t see you.


This is a true story.

Years ago, I was with a friend driving along the 12th Avenue in Vancouver.  It was late at night so the traffic was light.  My friend had a green light but an older guy was walking against the red.  My friend stopped, rolled down the window and yelled.  “You blind or something.”  When the guy turned to face us we noticed the red cane.

If a car could slink away …

Heh-heh.  :smiley:

And why does it always seem like the majority of dog owners that don’t pick up after their pets are the ones with large dogs that leave land-mine-sized piles???  Hehe

That actually seems quite self-explanatory. Ew. Imagine nothing between that warm logpile and your hand but a thin sheet of plastic? Gross.
Remember that old Kids in the Hall monologue?

You know, the Poo People: adults who sleep alone every night, but everyday you see ‘em walkin’ their three pound dogs. If it were a fish you’d throw it back! But they love it and they walk it. They walk it with little plastic bags on their hands. Waitin’ for their little three-pounder to have his poo. And when he does, they pick it up. And feel that heat in their hand. As if to say: “I am alive!!”

Have to love the pedestrians who walk out into the crosswalks and expect the semi’s to gear down for them just so they can shuffle to the other side of the street!  What’s so interesting you can’t wait for them to go by?  Inconsiderate and dangerous!  And those that walk across texting, chatting or worse, walking ahead of their tiny tots and then suddenly realizing, oops, maybe I should check to see if they are still with me  :imp:  Some parents… :unamused:

  Hey, were supposed to carry a plastic bag at all times here, so we can pick up the dog poop off the sidewalks…haven’t you heard ( another thread)… bubbasteve says so… :unamused:

I carry lots of bags and even offer them to owners who seem to not have them, get rather nasty comments back.  It would be fun if there was a way to license by consideration for others…cheap dog licence for those who are responsible owners and charge the crap (crap heehee) out of those who refuse to take care of their animals. 

Yes Codybear, some of the pedestrians seem to be endangering their lives and for certain their children’s live as they walk off the sidewalk into the traffic…and once when I laid on my horn I thought the three young girls were going to attack my vehicle. 

Another peeve is the skateboarders who go zooming down the sidewalks, if you are walking out of a store at that moment you could end up smashed and with broken limbs, especially for some of the older fragile people or people with kids…why do they have go go full speed down a sidewalk??  And when you go up by the skateboard store its almost like you are the inconvenience in trying to get by the gang on the street. 

I guess what I am missing is the basic respect I was raised with.  My dad would have whooped my butt for doing any of these things.  We were taught to respect others, especially elders.  To be polite, thoughtful and kind.  I don’t see much of that anymore.  Did we not teach our kids this generation?  My daughter is already teaching her 16 month old to do the right thing and I am so proud of her. 

The worse are the ones who are already crossing,  get 3/4 across one crosswalk and cut across the intersection to the other crosswalk cutting 1/4 off that crosswalk.  Ooh  the time they saved,  at risk of what injury.

From my past posts everyone knows one of my peeves is the doggy-do, especially down at Kwinitsa Park where they supply bags.

What kind of people let their dogs crap all over the lawn? Last week I watched as a young woman hopped out of her vehicle letting out three beautiful Irish Setters and another medium size dog. They immediately ran around sniffing and crapping all over the place while the young woman chatted obliviously on her cell.

the kicker with rupert pedestrians is I’ve stopped at a light and waited for a DEER to cross, a deer that looked both ways… my mother taught me to look both way i taught my son, and i always hold his hand, which he will still grab my hand first (he’s 11 yrs old) or i will have him walk infront of me, as for the doggy doo doo, i have two small dogs, i pick up after them and always have them leashed… it’s just respect for others who don’t wanna step in sh*t or be jumped on, or who may be afraid of dogs.

If an owner can’t fathom the idea of picking up their dogs’ excrement because it is gross and warm, then they shouldn’t be taking their dogs for walks in public areas.  Now don’t get me wrong - if you are on a trail or other area that may be heavily used by the public but is considered ‘outdoorsy’ - then I don’t have a problem with non-picker-uppers.  It’s the sidewalks, certain parks (like down at the Lightering dock) and places like that where it is freaking disgusting.  As someone (I think Soggy?) already mentioned, some owners can’t even be bothered to pick up their dogs’ poop at places where the bags are SUPPLIED FOR FREE! 

Ok, end of rant - for now. :wink:

My dog doesnt shit on concrete or in grass, he refuses.  Poor guy has this OCD thing about crawling into a shrub where nobody can see and taking his dump. 

He used to shit on a bike path every once in a while but the cocksuckers would always ride through my driveway/yard so I figure a little shit is what they deserved. 

‘hey look at me im being good for the environment here in my spandex.’ while they take a “shortcut” through my yard. Rather fitting that they eat a bit of shit.

it’s just respect for others who don’t wanna step in sh*t or be jumped on, or who may be afraid of dogs.

Speaking of which, anybody else notice that suddenly there are pitbulls everywhere in this town? One was being walked through town on a chokechain the other day when it went after a pigeon and ate it on the sidewalk. The dude walking it had no control…if that dog wanted some kid’s leg or face it’d be dinner.

Oh no… scary pitbull wait no the owner was clearly a moron. I owned a pitbull he was rad and very gentle… dumb as a post but he was a good dog.