Pepsi Or Coke?

What do you like better?
Pepsi Or Coke?

Either one’s fine as long as there’s rum in it!


Cherry Cola on the rocks
hold the cherry’s, hold the rum, hold the Cherry Liqueur, add ice.
awsome drink in the hot summer.

SPRITE! I’m not too crazy about either. If there’s another drink to choose i’d choose it. But if I’m in a situation where there’s only Pepsi or Coke, i’d choose Coke.

I used to drive truck for Pepsi in the early 90’s. Once I was driving the Pepsi truck behind a school bus in another town when the kids in the back started fingering me, making faces, etc. Then one of them I’m sure thought that he could really piss me off and he was waving a bottle of Coke at me. Thats when I reached down onto my seat and waved my own bottle of Coke back at them. They all laughed and stoppped acting like jerks. I’ll take Coke over Pepsi anyday.

Awsome story DUDE

Pop or soda? :smile:

Dude…my thoughts exactly!


Pop is bad for you, have you not learned that by now?

What?! Who told you that?

Whos the twat that likes pepsi?

I’m more into Meth…

WTF’s the difference? If you can tell it means you’re using candy-ass white rum.

right on, coke users rock…and fuck rehab…give me another 2 litre mofos!

pepsi, is just old coke, that ran off from the coke bottling machines, that

some cheap prick decided to bottle and sell…

No vote for Welfare Family cola?

Rehab is for quitters.

Regular Coke better than Pepsi
Diet Pepsi better than diet Coke

If you want a really nice drink, try Pocari Sweat or Calpis :open_mouth: