Pay before you discharge

New B.C. laws.  Pay before you pump.  Other then stores losing a bit more money on store sales, does anyone care about this.  I know this is all about that stupid kid that got dragged under a truck.  Me, I don’t really care.  Then again I don’t care about gas prices

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Does anyone have a link to a news report about this?

It’s a Worksafe BC regulation, in response to the death of Grant De Patie:

The regulation is sometimes known as “Grant’s Law.”

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I’m thinking of retiring Kim Jong-il and changing my persona to “Hitler Bian”… well maybe.

How are they gonna pass a tall coffee out thru that narrow slot?
Prepay day and night, only a dumbassed gov’t panel could come up with that.

The states have been doing it for years.
ICBC is coming out with many more laws.  Be aware of that to if your driving your moms car

I remember this. Poor guy, what a horrible way to die.
He only got nine years for that? Ridiculous.

I have no problem paying for my gas before I pump, they should have enforced that a long time ago in my opinion.

I think this rule is long overdue.  And if you want a coffee, you go inside, buy your coffee, pre pay for your gas inside, then go back out and pump.  It’s pretty simple!  And it will save lives and money and jobs.  I’ve had a few friends who have worked in gas stations who got in a lot of trouble for drive aways.

You drive in snd say “Fill 'er up” and a kid does it. Then you pay him, and tell him to keep the change.
You don’t pretend some stupid lawmaker covering the ass of the oil companies by ignoring the fact some wage slave feels so employment-threatened he dies over a tank of gas.
If an ATM takes your pic, so can a gas pump.

That would be all fine and dandy… if most stations still had Full Serve.  Out of 5 stations in town, only one has Full Serve, and it’s the farthest out of town. 

You can put your little credit card in the pump and pay for your gas, then pump, all without having to go inside.  On the other hand if you are like me and hate pumping, you make the drive to the Industrial Park.  They will be the ones who have two walk inside twice, not me.

The popularity of full-serve is surely a byproduct of not having enacted this law sooner. Think about it: insisting that someone else fill your tank is like tipping someone to feed you your meal. Even in nasty weather, we can all live without it. It creates a few jobs, but no careers.

I love the pay-at-the-pump thing.  Then I don’t feel the urge to round up.  It’s $40.37, no need to try to make it to $41.00!

For some of us this will be a real pain in the butt.  I have a company vehicle that uses the PHH maintenance system from the BC Govt.  Those fuel cards don’t work at the pump and you have to pay at the till (because you have to sign the receipt and give a unit number etc).  So now what do you have to do?  Drive up to the pump, go inside and say “I want to fill up”, walk back out, fill up, walk back in, and actually pay?  The point is you want to fill up, not buy x dollars of gas.

How about this?  If you don’t pay for your gas, an automated system deploys spike belts at all exits of the gas station.

Why don’t we have to pay for our groceries before actually loading our carts?

A stupid law for a small problem.

There are separate WCB regulations being improved at the same time for working alone situations, etc, that make much more sense.  But I fail to see how having to pay for your gas before your start fueling makes much sense.

Do you actually BELIEVE the crap you just spewed?  For your inconvenience of walking into the gas station and back out twice, for a tops of 100 extra steps in your day, you could help to save the life of another min wage paid teenager!  Get off your ass and walk a little! 

People are lazy!

Here! Here!