Paul Martin

…will be in Terrace on Tuesday, and god-willing I’ll have my new camera and be there taking pictures…

What type/brand of camera? Ur new one, i mean.

Nev/mind. Didn’t see ur webpage for a sec there. NikonD7D. pro man. Neat pix. Ur very talented. Hope it comes in soon too.

It was shipped Thursday from a place in Ontario (no pst)

Just had Nathan Cullen, the NDP candidate, drop by. Sitting on my deck having a beer and had a good talk with the fellow. Offered him a beer but he politely declined as he had more doors he wanted to knock on.

Ive not had much contact with any of the candidates but he struck me as a personable, intelligent guy who I could sit and have a beer and good converstation with.

He is out there, meeting people, more than the others it seems, knocking on doors. Andy Burton all we got was garbled pre-recorded dreck on the machine a few times and have not seen any of the liberal guy.

Definately hit the all candidate forum tommorrow at the Crest and see how they all stack up.


It was shipped Thursday from a place in Ontario (no pst)[/quote]

ontario has pst…

check out for more Martin news…


It was shipped Thursday from a place in Ontario (no pst)

ontario has pst…[/quote]

No PST for orders originating outside the province. Besides the fact that they could offer me a price nearly a hundred dollars lower than the local store, also not paying a hundred for PST seemed like a good trade for the $15 shipping charge.

NDP propaganda, which can easily be countered with:

And to fight the Reform party:

Tax evasion is fun:

If your company is paying for the camera, hosh, they will get in lots of shit if they don’t pay PST. do you claim the camera on your income tax?

I paid for the camera, and it brings me no income.

#1 item on the BC Taxation branch “common mistakes”

 1. Believing that out-of-province purchases are exempt from tax.

If you use the camera for any work, hosh, you’re probably better off to pay the PST, and claim the cost of the camera on your income tax.

Oh, too bad, because if you made any money on it, you could have a big tax break by claiming it.

Yeah, well, some of us don’t like to cheat on our income taxes.

Business expenses aren’t cheating, they are there to encourage small business. That’s the whole point. It’s legal, it’s not cheating.

Not paying taxes when you should (by not paying the PST, even though legally you are obliged to do so), is cheating, and is illegal.

So you’re backwards on this one.

BC can whine all it wants; there is no federal law which says it can charge its provincial tax throughout the rest of Canada. :smiling_imp:

I bought my G4 a few years ago in Alberta. No PST.

When I came back to BC, I paid the PST on it, but claimed the GST rebate on it, so it was pretty even. Then I claimed the computer on my income tax for three years. It more than paid for itself in work (both on and off the books), so it was important to have the deduction.

I claimed the first year of the G5’s depreciation this year, and it just lowered my self-employment income. It’s all good.

There’s a BC law. You’re a citizen of BC. You don’t think you need to follow the law in BC? rationalize it all you want, but you’re a tax cheat. Hope you’re the first one to complain about healthcare cutbacks.

Ok, but I wasn’t hired as a photographer, no income from it, no basis to claim it…

ok, thought you were a photographer who made money.

Here’s the BC law about outside BC purchases: … st_043.pdf