Our local Dudley Do-Rights never get there man!

it’s nice to see our local Dudley Do-Rights never get there man!!!(unless it’s the working man) i was walking down to get a coffee and saw this dip shit with to much money and not enough brains do a smoke show that smoked up the entire street by herbys (on the wrong side of the street this moron was!) and thought to my self there’s never a cop when they are needed. when i get just in front of the coffee shop low and behold there comes a cop out of timmy’s and then i notice hey there are two cop cars here and not even 30 seconds ago not even half a block away(in full view of timmy’s there was the smoke show that would have netted an easy $500.00 to $700.00 fine if not more. now i know some will say they can not be in all places at once! to this i say fuck that, the stupid fucks are there when the working man is trying just to get to the end of the week and their taillight is broken or they forget there seatbelt. if they are going to do the job get the stupid fucks that need to be fined and not the people trying to make ends meet. AND NO I HAVE NOT BEEN FINED for the stupid shits that feel people only complain when it happens to them. but hey it must be nice to watch a smoke show being committed and do nothing about it as a cop! i bet the fuck in the white truck would have been driven down and busted if it was in a school zone! or maybe the quota’s they say they don’t have were off to a good enough start for the month…no wait as the one cop left timmy’s he already had his light’s on pulling someone  over. :unamused:

No argument here punisher  :unamused: but you must expect a few posters who already have their rationalizations for the cops actions at the tips of their fingers as we type!. I, myself, have posted about the lack of police responce to certain scenarios and have been made to feel like a idiot for airing my opinions.  Was at Tims the other day waiting in the car and there were 3 cop cars in the parking lot but I guess I will be told that they needed a sugar fix so they could be “alert and at the ready” for whatever might occur on the streets, right? Is 3 cars almost our whole detachment :confused:  With all the crap in full view on the streets, it is beginning to be a source of entertainment to wonder where our local Dudley Do-Rights are…SO, be prepared for the onslaught of excuses… Not enough cops? Drunk tank was full and of course, the weakness from hunger one was a real eye-opener!

How many times do you guys have to hear this?  How about one more:

Everyone is entitled to breaks during their shift, and RCMP (just like you or I) can’t be everywhere at once.

Good day.

You’re absolutely right, Smartass, but surely you agree that if a cop sees a crime being committed, even during a break, he should respond. Once his work is done, he can take that break that was interrupted by the call of duty.

umm… what were they smoking @ this smoke show?

Dial 911 and report it, even if there’s a cop watching it.  Even if it is in front of Tim Horton’s. 

Then there’s a record of the incident and the complaint.  Then you can ask what was done about it.

We pay hefty 911 fees for a reason.

That sounds nice in theory but if you include traffic offenses in that, then they would literally never get a break.

Puh-lease, Mike. Next thing you’ll say is “if you include littering and jaywalking . . .”

What I meant was a crime that should be responded to immediately, such as a goof driving recklessly on the wrong side of the road - not when someone rolls through a stop with no other traffic around.

My impression is that they are actually focusing more on traffic offenses than any other kind.

Because it makes money for the city.

Bust a drug dealer or a drunk = no revenue for a city. 

Catch you in a very slow rolling stop sign = cha-ching for the city.

To make things even more interesting, the city pays the police budget.  So the pressure is on to have MORE policing of traffic offenses, not less.  The police are now revenue generators.

I’d love to see the numbers for traffic tickets over the last few years.  I’m willing to bet there’s been an increase.

I got a few lines into reading this and I stopped.
Its got nothing to do with what you’re bitching and moaning about. If you want people to take you seriously then maybe try some punctuation and grammar.

The enter/return key is there. Use it please?

well i don’t give a flying fuck about punctuation or grammar and i don’t put stuff on here trying to sway people to my way of thinking nor do i give 2 shits if you like what i say or not its stupid ass people that look at that instead of the real point of what was put down so if you dont like it dont read it then cuz i dont care if you do or not do you like my run on sentence ( this is were the question mark would go) i did not put it in just for you (this is were the exclamation mark would go) do you take me seriously now* (can you guess what goes here) :imp:

as for the cops not doing there job they need to just do it! break or no break, it’s the job they wanted to do and it’s just part of the deal!! they are there to serve and protect not drink coffee and stand by and watch. but hey they are just there to mop up after the fact, its the real front line people like the ever loved rent-a-cops that are the real first line of Defense and they don’t even get vests or Stun guns. most of the time they are facing people without backup as opposed to 3 cop cars to pull over one car or truck… NOPE GUESS AGAIN, THATS NOT MY JOB cuz i know some will think i’m a rent-a-cop but i’m not. i just have a respect for people that put there lives on the line for more then guns and timmy’s coffee.

the punisher… have you ever tried to see out of the back of your head and listen through glass walls and doors???  Not that fricken easy is it? 

ya it is fairly easy when you seem to be out in force to pull over every car and truck in town, but i see that it’s more easy to just turn there heads as they like! if they are not up to the task then maybe they should look for different jobs. but hey crimes are up and still rising!! go team Do-Right! :unamused:

Hey smartass hows it going?


Punisher if you don’t care if people read your posts or what they think about it, then why bother even posting? Why not do something proactive like contacting the newspaper or like others have suggested and reporting it?

I don’t mean to single you out, and I don’t have to read these forums or these threads. But I am interested to some degree what others opinions are, but find it very frustrating and disheartening sometimes. It makes it far to easy to disregard any valid points. It just looks like another stupid goon with a keyboard spouting off cliches based on ignorance and bias. Nothing personal dude, but maybe I’m just sick of seeing all these threads that all look like they’ve been written by the same tard.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has noticed this. I’m all for people expressing themselves and their opinions. Also, I am certainly not one to judge based on things like spelling. But I honestly think it detracts from the forums.

I’ve only just recently come back to htmf so maybe I’m just not used to it.

The authors of these threads are all clones of jesus :wink:

I am curious about something.  You witnessed want you view as a lack of police involvement in that incident.  Fair enough.  But your tone suggests that this is the norm.  Yet, there is only this incident that supports your opinion.  Have you experienced other incidents where the same kind of thing happened? 


I would say it is fair to say that all workers are entitled to a coffee break.  I’m glad that some people want to be police officers.  I wouldn’t want to do that job.
If I see something strange happening I call the police.

This makes me laugh, come on atleast the cops aren’t corrupt like here in my town.
There used to be a whore house run out of the local motel, cops knew about it. 
I won’t get into the story of them covering for a murder suspect that killed a friends sister.  Or better yet the cop who sat outside in the driveway of a house where a shooting happened and didn’t do anything.  I forgot the count but 2 or 3 people died, oh but the cop got a commendation for helping one person at the scene.  Hell the Detroit police have been investigated by the FBI 4 or 5 times.  Everything ranging from drug dealing to attempted murder.
Michigan State Police have been busted a few times doing something called running a plate to get a date.  Where they run a woman’s license plate get her information then try to get a date from her.  That was a big story here in Michigan a couple years ago.

The authors of these threads are all clones of jesus :wink: [/quote]


So what you’re saying is that they should use some personal judgement to decide when to interrupt their break? If so then we agree. And maybe… just maybe these officers used that judgement on this occasion. Hell… maybe they didn’t see it at all. Or maybe they used these wonderful devices that they call radio’s to call for someone who was actually not on a break to respond. Punisher is all in a snit over this one incident, but for all we know the officers he is so upset about radioed in, and the driver was stopped out of view and ticketed. For all punisher knows they could have arrested him and impounded his car.

Seriously… I’m not going to worry too much about a story posted by someone who rants and raves and doesn’t respond to even the most simplistic logic. But of course this is just CrazyMike the cop lover, mindlessly backing up the police again. None of my logic actually makes any sense.  :unamused:

  I believe, though I could be mistaken, that the incident thepunisher began this post with was a smoke show near Herbys and somehow we spiralled into traffic violations which has been interesting but I have also witnessed where I work drug deals going on in full view and YES, on occasion, on the whim of my boss at the time  :unamused: the cops have been called and by the time they respond the persons have left. They are becoming more brazen out there, the work I do, I see it all the time, and unfortunately have to deal with it also, to the best of my abilities. It can be scary for those of us untrained in this area, we have to defuse situations by instinct. I am also referring to the public drunkeness problem. We need help and we need the community to come together but that is an ongoing topic.  As far as thepunisher ranting and raving, I picked up that he/she was basically pissed off and venting which is what our forum is for, is it not, all grammar aside?. I am sure we are all guilty of spelling errors. I blame it on my sticky keyboard :smiley: