Our local Dudley Do-Rights never get there man!

You and Smartass clearly find policemen sexually attractive. That’s okay. Just don’t let it cloud your judgement so much.

theirs no money in catching people in drug deals, or for that matter  b/e’s, protecting peoples property,  or even catching the bad guy.  the r.c.p.m. make there money in traffic tickets and there fame in being on t.v. showing the average joe or jane the value of drugs that they have busted. aka, keeping us safe. soooo take autos and drugs out of the picture and???  what.  lets see, maybe walking on beat partrol. na, can’t give the car up.

One of the problems with crime and the R.C.M.P ,Is there are no shoot first ask question
cops left. I thick the last one in Rupert w…as a guy named Harley about 28-30 years ago
Anyone remember him.

Cant say I remeber Harley.  I do remeber Max Lincoln though!!!  And what aout all nasty spring tallant?

Port Ed Ted!  hahaha

Spring Tallant was cool… mind you she was my bowling coach and I could do no wrong at that young age :smiley:

I remember Max,When i first knew him he was a rookie and one hell of anice guy.
H would always pull us over at Oliver lake for drinking,never take our booze ,but
always radio are licience number in.

Port Ed Ted!  hahaha[/quote]

He was in Terrace working for the traffic section last I saw him. :smile:

There was a cop named “J.D. Arthur” back in the 80’s. Old J.D. had many many nights of weisers deluxe and molson canadian paid for by me.

its funny but I see now that these generations dont fear the cops as much as we used to, oh boy you bet if the cops showed up when I was at a highschool party we split. I recently went on a ridealong and 12-13years are getting hammered in the front yelling shit at the cops who are responding to a noise complaint. Its ridiculous, I remember having the fear of god in me whenever one would personally talk to me. I think we may need to instill that kind of mentality. Then perhaps some of these punks would think twice about youth vandalism and property crimes.

p.s Im a cop hugger (I want to be a rcmp officer)

welcome V85 and good luck in your future job, Im sure you will make a good RCMP officer…

lol ok so your entitled to a break yes, I understand that, you and I both need them.  Don’t we all? say you work at uh? I don’t know  safeway, that 10a.m. is shining on the clock and you think to yourself “alright it’s break time” now on the way to the lunch room you go and grab a snack and see someone stealing from the store you work at.  your first response and actions would be?.. a: excuse me sir/ma’am would you please come with me.  or b: don’t worry i’m on my break.  go ahead it’s alright. bahahahaha nooob do your job is what the point was in the first thread, now don’t be a jerk and bash someone about they’re concerns or thoughts about a particular situation.  Thx good day, I said GOOD DAY!

One of the major points behind my post was the fact that the incident DIDN’T happen right infront of the officer’s face.  It was inside a building, across the street, where you can’t hear anything outside because of all the yammering away inside.  You can’t expect the officer to use their “spidey sense” and just KNOW there’s something going on behind them. 

spidey sense …  :smiley:

When was the last time a Tim Horton’s ever got robbed?

That’s assuming that the cops saw the person smoking.