Our BC is not For Sale!

I’m surprised I am the first one to spark up this conversation regarding one of the most prominent moments in 2004 for British Columbia.
It is about time that people let the government know what’s up and that they can not get away with trampling over human rights like that.
So I hear this could be big. Many other unions are talking about walking off the job as well. Should be interesting as the outcome unravels in the near future.

Go to Alberta…

B.C. should capitalize on what it has to offer… and sell some of its Mountains to Alberta!

If they sold Mount Hays to Alberta, I know that I’d be happier than a pig in shit!

What planet are you from? BC certainly is for sale - just look at the railway. Hydro, hospitals, schools, they’re all for sale. And you know, without more revenue, BC is never going to get better.

And human rights? What the hell does that have to do with anything? In case you forgot, we stole all the land from the Indians, remember?

“Liberated” all this land from the Indians.

That’s Funny

Funny how eso always tries to stir up shit with topics like natives and French Canada. He must be a young person trying to find his place in the world and deciding to blame everyone else for finding it in an outhouse. Hence the stirring!

Yeah… pipe down about all of that…

Back then it was called colonizing, and because the birth of Canada was so closely followed by rules and rights, the whole Colonizing of “First Nations” (Because they’re not from India, so stop calling them Indians***) was turned into a political fiasco and all of these new [undeserved] “Rights” were implemented…

They’re just freeloading off of all the marvelous things that people with whom I share the same skin colour have created…

*** They’re only called “Indians” because of a lack of a better term… If you’re to call them anything, make sure it’s not Indian, because that’s a copyright infringement on what the people of India have fought so hard to claim! ***

Indian is the official term, as the government department is called the “Department of Indian and Northern Affairs”.

Just as we “liberated” most of the trees… and soon the fresh water…

You guys should create a new thread with all your indian concerns(that lead no where I might add.)
Now back to the subject of this strike…or is it too much for the mental capacity of some of you and just easier to complain about native rights?? Man that subject is so old, expecially on HTMF. Native this native that…boohoo

Yeah, they are pretty old.

We need a new indigenous race in Canada…

My scarcely concealed dislike for visible minorities and Quebec aside, I think my world is in awesome shape!

Posted: Saturday, Sat May 01, 2004 5:

Yeah, they are pretty old.

We need a new indigenous race in Canada…

How about if we call them “Canadians” ?
(and drop the frikkin hyphens)

Don’t talk to me about human rights when cancer patients have to cross pickets lines to get treatment. Now, I say cancer because that hits close to home for me, but what aliments are going untreated?

What about the people in nursing homes not getting proper care? People not getting things as simple as a proper bath!

I’ve heard union leader saying that they are doing this out of concern for patients! That BS!

I’ve heard union workers complaining that they can’t raise a family on $8 dollars an hour! I’m not making “Union Wagesâ€

And I also don’t feel that the government should be in any other business accept the business of running the country! Therefore, the government should sell the following;

BC Liquor Stores
BC Rail (Already done. Good start.)
BC Lottery Corporation

At this point, I cannot think of any others.


Again, got a good argument? Prove me wrong!

Right, so no free health care to cancer patients, either. 'cause that’s socialism. If they can’t pay, let 'em die.

Alistair, rocking the message boards!

I agree, but understand very little of what is happening.

Sounds like janitors, mail workers and such are complaining about low wages… DUH?

Whats happening?

And what does the topic title have to do with anything?

just look below the 49th parallel.

Unions & social policies sustain a middle class. The middle class in a democracy is what keeps the dirt poor from simply killing the filthy rich and taking their money.

Please don’t confuse the current strike with the nurses. Nurses almost NEVER go on strike. You have to really piss them off to get them to vote for a strike. This is the HEU that represents other jobs in health services.

BAD KARMA - it’s jealousy to be pissed off at someone who is in a union and makes more than you. You can join a union too, it is your right. The karma kicks in when you believe they should take stuff away from someone who has more than you.
Socialism: to believe in taking something away from someone who has ‘too much’ and give it to those who have ‘too little’. You only need to be afraid of who makes that decision!

Communism: to truly believe the floor washers deserve to make as much as the nurses!

[quote=“alistair”]Therefore, the government should sell the following;

BC Liquor Stores
BC Rail (Already done. Good start.)
BC Lottery Corporation

Selling BC Lottery Corp., for example, would be a loss of revenue for the government. Money from these corporations are used to fund free health care, road repair, the building of public schools, etc. Unless you wish to pay even more in taxes, I doubt getting rid of the above is the best solution.