Old Dairy Queen

I have seen guys coming in and out of the old Dairy Queen on McBride.  They were wearing orange work vests so i am curious, is something happening there?

Read in THE DAILY NEWS that the owner of the old train station is hoping a steak-house goes upstairs.  I hope they do get a good steak house seeing as how i think the Crest sucks.  Had a good tenderloin at Cow Bay recently but I don’t always want to go there.  The owner also was quoted as mentioning opening a coffee/gelato bar.  Not being a java drinker I think we have enough of those but I would go for some good gelato on the waterfront.  Do you think maybe we could use a washroom while walking the dogs if we purchased something…that is for sure something that is needed down on the waterfront. 

Dairy Queens are rebadged as “DQ Restaurant” now…

I saw some men working at the DQ too.  I hope something is going on…a new business would be nice!

I actually think the Crest is pretty good!

There used to be a rumor about an indoor market going in there, one that caters to both locals and tourists…but that was awhile ago. 

The crest has incredible food!! I find the menu delish  :smiley:

The Crest has a wicked Steak Salad!!

Forget about the Crest.  If the new owner of the train station does attract a steak-house outlet or smaller for the upstairs as he hopes then I want something like a Joey Tomato’s Mediterranean Grill, a Earle’s or even something like the Mr. Mike’s in Terrace.  We had fantastic food in Terrace, the gal whipped up some of the best non-alcohlic drinks with mixed fruit.  We were waited on promptly…it was good.

I think we need a good new resturant that is fun and for the anyone over 30 crowd.  No booster seats, leave the kids at home.  Rain tried but i dont think he changed his menu often enough and then he was never there when we went. Chances is too noisy with all the casino noise and the bar…you could not have a nice romantic meal there.  So, i hope he finds something really good. 

i’d love a family restaurant but not kiddy lol

Mr. Mikes is good but if we have one here, where would we go when in Terrace?  Maybe something like a Montana’s would be good?  Great menu and not too expensive.

OH a Montana’s would be great.  Family oriented and usually a section where there are no kids.  The menu is fantastic and the Mile high mud pie is to die for!

montanas redrobin or fuddruckers lol

Lots of restaurants out there that would be awesome to see here in Rupert…but make sure you support the ones we have or something new will simply displace the ones we currently have. There’s only so much money to spread around…

Places with new ideas often can’t make it past the seven year itch stage…Rain, La Cucina (even with new owner), Peglegs (a couple different owners), la Villa (a couple different tries)…and then we end up with how many Vietnamese places? Six? and Chinese? Seven?

Don’t forget Cu’s for steaks. Best family dining with an awesome view has to be split between la Gondola and Pizza Hut and it would be sad to lose either of those. Viewing the interior decor of la Gondola is worth the meal cost in itself…heh.

the keg would be nice.

I totally agree with you, in that we must not simply replace an restaraunt with another, but not on the interior decor of la Gondola, it consists of three tables and and chairs that look like they were part of the decore from when it was built…the restaraunt and drive in are two seperate entiteis? with very different menus.
I learned this the hard way.

wouldn’t bother me if any of the current restaurants closed down. i eat there because they are there yes but none of them do i really say oh my god it is so good.

i know people lose their jobs blah blah but thats part of the restaurant business keeping people happy and keeping with the times.
we need chef ramsay to run thru all of our restarants here

I know for a fact that La Cucina was raking in the dough when the first owner sold it.  That place was super busy and they had a very well established client base.  The first owners sold it only because they simply did not want to run it anymore, it certainly was not because business was down…had the first owner get it going, there is no doubt in my mind it would still be running as one of Rupert’s most successful restaurants.

The 2nd owner seemed to drive it into the ground which is why it ended up the way it did, too many things slipped in quality.

and most of the time tried ordering from there for dinner they were already closed

@bthedog: Brenda certainly had a different eye for the business than did Doug but I didn’t think that the business “slipped in quality” so far as to become yet another Asian vendor in an already crowded market.

@chiefdave: I don’t understand the split personalities of la Gondola at all. Inside, it’s like straight out of the 70’s show but the front burger joint is a drafty, wobbly-legged-table-and-chairs, odd place to eat. With a lousy view.

@decker: definitely it was a lunch place, or early supper. I think they closed at 7pm. Yet another place in this town where you couldn’t get food in the evening.

Actually there are 5 Chinese restaurants in business; not counting No.1 Catering.

One thing I don’t understand is how on earth New Moon still manage run their empty restaurant. =.=’

Plus many Chinese-Canadian operated businesses don’t exclusively cater to the Chinese community BTW.

I actually WAS counting No.1 and Prime Time.
Prime Time makes some awesome salt and pepper squid and other Chinese dishes for their lunch specials…but they’re not truly a Chinese restaurant, I guess. Decent sushi there, too, plus sandwiches…

“5” is probably a more accurate number.

I have to disagree.  La Cucina became a shell of its former self after the 2nd owner took over and it was very obvious in the quality of food and ESPECIALLY service and even cleanliness.  The service at the end of the 2nd owners run was really some of the worst customer service I have had experience with, especially the head waitress that worked there, she was terrible, driving customers away with 20 minutes until closing…ridiculous.

When Brenda was running that place you truly HAD to call for a reservation on the weekend or at lunch otherwise you were waiting in a line for a table or your were not going to get a table at all.