North Coast LNG Debate


oops…Prince Rupert mayoral letter was march 7th/2017…a giant list of demands from Aurora…that caused Aurora to pause…that and a glutted lng market for next 20 years…Cheers


hmmm so they start the process, stop it to clarify some dumbass statements in the letter our Mayor sends, restart it on May 15, and it is all an illusion according to you, did Trudeau already legalize the weed and your smoking too much of it?

lets look at the Mayor’s dumbass statements he sent to the EA,

1: the airport would be strained- fact our airport ferry service has an operating deficit of $800,000 a year, lets strain the airport that the airport authority says can handle the increase in traffic.

2: the plume from the burning off of natural gas will impede airplanes going in and out of the airport, well Transport Canada reviewed the data from Aurora and said it would not impede

3: they would compete with local business’s for workers, well duh, but isn’t that what you want? so your population gets good paying jobs? or does our Mayor want them to work for minimum wage?

4: it would strain our infrastructure, well if the work camp is built on Digby Island where the plant will be how exactly will it harm our infrastructure?

the only legitimate concern would be air quality but then again by proposing Lot 444 for exxon even that statement is laughable


First of all, realmediavoices (aka GrantG) can be very annoying with his constant “it ain’t going to happen” refrain. There are likely many completely neutral observers on the advantages/disadvantages of LNG who are hoping it happens just to shut him the hell up.

At the same time, while I get your concern for Prince Rupert and how much you feel LNG will advance our town, this kind of comment doesn’t do your cause much good either especially with someone like me who wants resource development done responsibly, who wants to ensure that we don’t become like the description of Gladstone, Australia.

No expert on everything the mayor wrote, but I will comment on the infrastructure issue. I am a trustee of the library board and earlier on (when LNG was looking more possible) we discussed how a work camp (wherever it was located) would impact the library and the services it provides. The same would apply to the civic centre and other services like policing, health care etc.

If any of the projects go ahead we will have a four year boom with thousands of extra citizens before returning to some normalcy. To suggest that figuring out how all of that will happen/be paid for hardly dumbass.


Please stop using put downs in debates. Put downs and personal attacks do nothing to promote your point of view.


you do realize that our city did have at one time 18000 ppl and now it is down to 12000, so even if the camp was built in Rupert we will still be below what our population was before the pulp mill shut down and our infrastructure was not strained then, so how exactly will our infrastructure be strained, especially the library or the civic center? and you do realize the workers that stay at the work camp don’t really leave it, the real business for the town would be locals getting the jobs and subcontractors coming in who are not allowed to stay at the camp.


That would be me :slight_smile:

Never forget Petronas pulled the plug more than a year ago, it just hasn’t happened yet. :slight_smile:

Just like I hope the NDP wins the election. If they don’t, then hey, at least I can make hay from another one of Grant’s predictions.


you might like this…I told you fine folk about the Woodfibre fake press release…anywho…

Well…at least you got The Straight Goods first…

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


“Dead in the water”

You can always tell nautical people from everyone else by the way they use the term “dead in the water.”