No such thing as climate change

no such thing as climate change…

the earth goes through cycles, mother nature is doing its thing and has been doing it for  billions of years…

shit if we went into a ice age, people would blame it on the freon thats in the atmosphere.
or if the world turned into a desert we would blame Fossil fuel. cycles like this happen in nature…

some of the most oldest maps in history show antarctic without ice…

now if it was to show support in something more tangible then i would take part but its based on nothing more then witch science.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and the Earth is flat.

see the earth is round thats easy to prove, saying that global climate change  is real is a different story.

as far as I’m concerned its a conspiracy theory… and the evidence to prove or disprove it is equal. So until someone who has more then a video on climate change and how we are to blame, I’m not buying into yet…    :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the reason I said that the Earth was flat is because it’s a good example of what normal people believe versus scientific consensus.

About 500 years ago, pretty much every scientist knew the Earth was round.  But most people thought that was crazy talk.  Despite the scientific consensus, most people knew the Earth was flat, and there wasn’t any way you could convince them otherwise.

So yeah, same deal.  Prove the Earth is round.  'cause all your talk about the Earth being round is just witchcraft.

ya seen that one before, more study needs to be done before people starting talking like global warming is the truth.

for those who say global warming is true and its a fact, prove it…  :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you’re going to take part in a scientific discussion, you need to learn the basics of logic, right?

Arguing that because it’s warmer on Mars or other planets, that humans haven’t had any effect on Earth’s climate isn’t logical.  Just because X happens, doesn’t mean that Y didn’t happen.   I think the term for that logic fallacy is Non sequitur. … ng_Swindle

You’re not interested in proof.  If you were, you’d read this:

But you’re missing the whole point of Earth Hour.  It’s to highlight our dependence on non-renewable energy, which is running out.  You want proof of that?  Look at the price of gas.

Now you’re going to tell me that the price of gas has nothing to do with supply and demand, and that I should prove it?  Or that there is lots of oil left, and that the price of gas has nothing to do with the amount of oil available?

prof of gas prices rising is a direct link to the war in Iraq, nothing more then that prices of oil started to go up when the Americans invaded Iraq. as for the supply thing sure its going to run out but the prices we are seeing are because of the occupation of Iraq by Americans…

prof of gas prices rising is a direct link to the war in Iraq, nothing more then that prices of oil started to go up when the Americans invaded Iraq. as for the supply thing sure its going to run out but the prices we are seeing are because of the occupation of Iraq by Americans…[/quote]

So prices aren’t set by supply and demand?  Woah.

and since we like posting links to prove our point
here is one of many that are out there. … k-economy/

So it’s not supply and demand?  Woah. 

Hey, you know that Obama “believes” in the Witchcraft of Global Warming, right? 

lol u can ridicule me all u like but it proves nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

if the American didn’t invade Iraq, we would not be seeing these prices yet!! its that simple…

Well, invading Iraq has taken Iraq’s oil off the market, but it was off the market for 10 years before the invasion, wasn’t it?

All the other producers weren’t affected at all by the invasion.

Increased demand in India and China, and decreased production everywhere else in the world is responsible for the rise in oil prices.

What?  Surely you don’t believe the Witchcraft on Wikipedia?  That’s not proof!

I mean, you’re not going to accept one thing on there as fact, then ignore another one?

So no, your link is wrong.  Or it’s right, and the climate change link one is right too.

um thats what i said…lol…

Ah sorry, I edited while you were posting.

I mean, it’s interesting that you go to wikipedia for proof of something, but then ignore one of the best written and best documented articles there as being “witch science.”

I am one that has always had a big problem with global warming theories and more so rhetoric especially since it became popular through an Al Gore mockumentary.

Its not that I don’t believe that the world is warming or that we are doing excess harm to the environment but that the masses in general do not link economics to the importance of human beings and how economics plays just as important role in our lives as health, family, social relations, food, shelter, politics etc. 

If there was this understanding, then I believe we could have the intelligent conversation, NOT about turning off the lights but becoming more efficient with the lights we use.  Not about eliminating oil but about maximizing our use of it.  Working in harmony with the environment to achieve our human goals and desires.  (and I don’t mean to exclude newer forms of energy under that pretense that even renewable energy comes at a cost).

To summarize, I feel that before we get into a conversation about global warming, we need to come to a conclusion or agreement that yes we as humans NEED energy (no matter what the form) and that the cost of energy has some consequences.  With that thesis we can then go forward to shape our world as we go further.

My two cents.

Well said. 

I think that accepting that the climate change is happening is a first step, though.

And as long as George Bush can say “the jury’s still out” and “we need to more study” and people believe him, then there’s not much we can do.

I think alternative energy is the way to go, with the true cost of energy being factored in.  Maybe the many hydrogen-based economy ideas might make sense then.

MiG like i said before i have read lots of articles  for and against climate change, some in scientific magazines some on the internet.  one thing is for certain more study needs to be done. and like i said I’m not buying it yet… you can, but I’m not…

so before u decide what i should believe in. I do believe we need to look at alternative fuel and energy options, but thats a different topic. Right. this one is about (NO such thing as climate change).