No School, No Cable ;-)

Does Chss have school tomorrow:S

I heard, that it was on the news. That there is no school tomororw?
Is that true

Only if the power goes out.  Just because there may be 2 feet of snow on the ground doesn’t mean you get to have a Snow Day. 

Well was it on the news or what?

No school today, no cable either.

What are kids to do?  Go outside?   

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LOL, this is why I’m a happy sat dish subscriber, I don’t mind the occassional walk to the deck to sweep the snow off my dish.

There shall be no cabin fever at the casa podunkian today (unless of course the power here goes out again and then it’s back to ole transistor radio and the CBC , or far off radio stations at night which seem to boom in here when the power is out)

Next time Citywest runs one of their better cable than sat dish ads, perhaps they’ll mention the problems they occassionally have with their own delivery systems… :imp:

Grrrrrrrrrrreat.  That means the mall rats will be out in full force today.

The Mall’s open?  GREAT!  I’m there!

Guy next door is going to be a bit annoyed with Citywest cable.  The firefighter guys and city plow guy cut his cable line last night because it was hanging dangerously close to the street.

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well the weather sucks, theres no cable and no school, but at least you have kids throwing snowballs to look forward too, and it’s perfect snow to make a snowman with  :smiley:


Ok, here’s the real photo of Mr. Plow checking the downed line.  Thankfully it was a cable line, not a power line.

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Does anyone know if school will resume after lunch? I’ll keep checking outside my window since I live near an elementary school.

Aw come on get out and have some fun in the snow! :sunglasses:

When’s the last time Rupert had a snow day?

3 years ago might be 2 years ago but im thinking 3 years ago, but in this point in my life anything more then a week ago I have forgoten… so ya …how about those roads…lol…Im sure there is going to be some shit at City Hall for there lack of snow removal yesterday

Prince Rupert schools have not been closed for the day for about 25 years. Former Superintendant Peter Stretten used to boast that he had never closed a school for a day.

I think the last snow day was 1980 or 81 (I was told earlier today, but can’t remember), but our schools have been closed recently due to natural gas outages.

At least it’s not still snowing out, it’s so beautiful outside  :smiley: It’s awsome out there, must have made at least three snowmen, and fallen down at least a dozen times :neutral_face: But hey, it’s great to see all the little ones having a great time  :smiley:

  Glad Kids like it I sure don’t , anmd NO Cable either grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at least i found one thing internet seems faster today lol

THANK GOD, t.v. is back on, now i can thaw myself off and stay inside  :smiley:
Hmm… what do you know, there’s nothing on  :unamused:

We had TV for most of the snow fall on our satellite dish.  The only bad thing about our satellite line-up is that the good people at Star Choice have steadily increased their prices over the last several years. 
The reception is great though. :smiley: