New Years In Rupert/ Resolutions


Anyone actually staying sober on New Years?

  • Are you kidding (no)
  • Yes, I am trying to quit (haha)
  • I don’t drink period

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Well this is going to be my very first New Years in Prince Rupert, yay. I was just wondering what every is up to and what is happening around town. And does anyone have any weird rituals.
Please state your “New Years Resolution” (this will be interesting)


Wow I hope thats a joke :open_mouth:

I mean who stays sober on new years ? I bet you the pope even has a few drinks of rum.

My resolution for the new year is err… drink less dr. pepper


my new years resolution… is to get a life. :cry:


[quote=“DjTux”]Wow I hope thats a joke :open_mouth:

I mean who stays sober on new years ? [/quote]



why on earth do you want to be sober anyrtime
i am so drunk i am istening to techno
just because it hink girls might walk in my rooma and start dancing its christmas ya,l

get drunk on newyears its fun


I can be stupid enough when I’m sober thanks. I prefer to sit back and watch other ppl make an ass of themselves instead. Then I can be the sober one who remembers everything and tell them all the horrendous details later.


new years resolution, spend less time on the computer and more time in the gym :smiley:


so yah where is everyone going for new years??


to your place.


i dont care where i go, its my b-day on new years eve so im going to get wrecked! haha, get like a colt 45 and just die


You rebel! A whole Colt 45!

Me, I’ll be grabbing myself at least a case of MGD, if not more.


yeah, mgd is good, but ive had miller a few times in the past, so im gonna do something diff


18 of kokanee for me

maybe a flat


er i got absolutly wrecked last night i am probably gonna chill on new years.


Aaahhheeeemmmm… where IS everyone going?? I haven’t the foggiest yet. Anyone have any ideas??? (legal age category btw)


i have no idea where i am going im still in the i will never do that again stage. :bulb:


Depends on what you are… if you are a preppy, then the Curling Rink is the place to be… if you are an older preppy, then the Crest is good… all the bars have stuff going on… ummmmmmm

If you are underage the trend is to get unbelievably drunk and end up in a ditch or screaming at the cops.


Most people go out and get unbelievably drunk and cause shit with the cops. Others hang with family umm there isnt much to do here that I know of.


ooohh im not a doctor but I play one on tv :wink:


Just about every New Year’s I can remember involves MrJ going from 0 to drunk in about 8.1 seconds, and then having to carry him home from Ian Newton’s place.

Ok, so that only actually happened once, but it was a rad new years.