New update on my pc, what you guys think?

added some water cooling to my pc, and bought a new case, check it out :smile:

[quote=“Lost Souls”]
added some water cooling to my pc, and bought a new case, check it out :smile:

Looks like a waste of money, but im sure the girls will be flocking now[/quote]

I added another fan to push/pull air through the radiator, my cpu is over clocked to 4.0ghz.  with the stock fan and the cpu at stock speed (3.4ghz) it was running at 42c, when I overclocked it to 3.6ghz it was reaching temps of 50c and higher.

This keeps it running colder then the stock fan, some people don’t like it, some do.  I like it, if you don’t, that’s your opinion, and I did ask for feed back so thanks for checking it out.

You don’t really need water cooling to keep your pc cool, if it’s not over clocked. Just buy a decent fan, my 2.44 quad core was over clocked to 2.8 and used stock fan and was fine.

Water cooling is good for over clocking & silencing.

[quote=“Lost Souls”]
added some water cooling to my pc, and bought a new case, check it out :smile:

Nice looking unit.  :smile:[/quote]

thanks everyone, I was using stock cooling for a while but the max thresh hold for heat on my cpu is 60c.

my cpu was running at 55c idle when it was at 3.6ghz and was about 45-50c at stock speed of 3.4ghz.

now it’s at 4.0ghz and it never goes above 40c, it drops to 32c if I have the window open as the radiator draws cold air in from outside the case.

Do you notice much of a difference between 3.4GHz and 4.0GHz? Have you done any benchmarks?

Looks cool and all, but I have to ask: what’s up with the big kanji for “middle”?

id change the case, buy a case with the psu at the bottom, and build the water cooling a bit different.

PC-X900, get that case, seems like you have money to waste

Here is a link that might help you, or improve you to change your setup or in fact maybe even perfect it more.

One of my fav pc’s is this one,

and this one.

the last one is so sexy!

no test comparisons yet, I ran 3dmark06 with two 5770’s and got a score of just under 21,000, with one card I got just over 16,000, as for the case this one was a spare one I had laying around, I was going to use it for the time being, but the temps were still a little too high for me.

I switched over to my antec 300 case and now my temps are 35 idle, 40 under load, I have my desk next to my window, and when the window is open my temps drop to 23c.

when I bought my system I didn’t put any though into the case since I had one laying around.  i’m planning to get a solid state drive for my o/s, and a new case in a month or two. 

This is my first attempt at water cooling so I bought a single 120mm radiator because that’s all I could fit in my case.  I have two 5770’s right now, and they are the loudest part of my tower, when I upgrade my case to something bigger I might get a couple vga water blocks. and Jase, i’ll check out those links later on when I have some free time.

I always like to check out the ideas some people come up with when modding their pc’s I don’t know much about modding, I just took an interest in computers about five years ago.

i’ll post back with some comparison on the bench marks, at both 3.4ghz and 4.0ghz, when I get time i’ll do the same with both single and dual video card set up.

also the lian li cases are really nice, three of my friends have bought antec 1200’s and those cases are really nice to work with, very user friendly.  I was thinking of buying a Coolermaster HAF 932 though. I still haven’t decided.

it’s a logo for “Red Dragon” is a clothing company. and the top sticker is for DC Shoes.  the picture spray painted on the front is for Dark Army.  it’s a clothing company my friend started a few years back when he used to skateboard.

I agree with you those are great looking PC’s, I added that website to my Fav’s and when I was building my Tower the Corsair Obsidian 800D was one of the cases I was looking at. 

unfortunately at the time I just couldn’t afford it, maybe it’ll be on the list for upgrades this summer. we’ll see.  I’d still like to pick up a couple SSD’s

again, thanks everyone for the feed back, and info.  I always welcome any tips and advice or thoughts on PC builds.

Put a nice intel ssd in there, i bet you will notice more of a difference with a ssd, rather than over clocking more or adding ram :smile:

Ordering my self a 160gig ssd fo rmy macbook pro soon.

says the guy that sends me more messages about how to buy a battery on ebay every month.!

Nice, let me know how you like it, I was thinking about picking up a 64gb this month, and just using it for o/s and a couple programs I use, I don’t really need it for gaming, those will go on the storage drive.

has anyone had a chance to check out the new gtx400 cards? I wanted to wait for them to be released before buying this PC I have now, I put it off for a couple months and finally made my purchase. 

if I had only known the six core cpu’s and the new fermi cards were going to be released a week after I made my purchase I would have waited.  aside from the lack of physx, i’m happy with my two ati 5770’s.  one alone has close to the same performance as my gtx 260 I had when they first came out, if not better.

I ran the bench marks at 4.0 earlier tonight before work.  i’ll run them all again at 3.4 in the morning after I take care of some things around the house.  I’ll post the results for anyone interested.

Obviously I posted it for you to use!
I had a few cold pops and didn’t have a BBC infographic around :wink: 

Just wait a bit, save your $$ and buy a 160 or larger if the prices drop. No point building a gaming computer to use then install your games data and files on the other drive, would kinda defeat the purpose of using the ssd :smile:

yeah, you’re right.  I only use a couple programs that aren’t too big, and mainly the call of duty games, I figured I didn’t need too much space, i’ll put off the ssd until next month and check out the prices then. 

maybe i’ll get buying a new case out of the way first those obsidians are really nice and still one of the top picks for me.