New Restaurant: Blue Ocean

As many of you have probably noticed there is a new Asian restaurant open in place of La Cucina. I have not been there myself but I am wondering if any others have, what the opinions were and if they noticed how its possible to cook Asian food with a wood burning oven?

Who cares how they cook it if it tastes good?

I think the place is actually called Blue Ocean or Blue Pacific or something isn’t it?

The place was obviously opened on a shoestring.  Same furniture, same set-up and even the same Italian posters.  The food was adequate but I’ll still stick with Herby’s for the best Vietnamese food in town.  I’ll go back to Blue Ocean later once they have settled in.

It’s nice to see new business opened up in town, but like we really needed another asian style restaraunt.

another vietnamese restaurant to launder money . i had to throw that in there just because lol

lol yeah just like the new pool hall/cafe they opened

I know you are in all likelihood joking, but, please remember that you are responsible for what you write here.  Accusing a business of a criminal offense is no laughing matter.  Please review the following section of the HTMF FAQ.  You are free to edit your post.



Edit: thanks, photoguy:-)

yes i was joking and considering the way it was said thought it was a given i was .  :smiley:

Actually slander is spoken. Libel is written.

Can never keep those straight.  Anyway, there’s a big difference between expressing an opinion (ie: reviewing a restaurant) and making a statement like that, decker.

Also, what is the name of the actual restaurant, so we can change the name of this thread (and get rid of all that extra punctuation) ?

Blue Ocean

I haven’t been there yet (still mourning La Cucina), but one of the things I love about Prince Rupert is the relative lack of chain restaurants, and abundance of local independent eateries.

Chains are good if you want X. Unless they’re in PG where you get X-(y,z,q) and have to wait (how hungry you are ^2)
Like going to Dairy Queen and the burger patty isn’t even DQs, it’s Shoppers Wholesale like they serve at a charity BBQ fundraiser.
Or going to McDs and never, ever, not even once got what you ordered immediately.

Ha-ha, damn! You’re right!  Editing post now. Thanks, photoguy.  :smile:  Hopefully, the owners of Blue Ocean think your joke is funny, decker.

Yes.  I also miss La Cucina.  I will try Blue Ocean in the next little while.  :smile:

I, myself, have often “enjoyed” a menu especially when it is presented to me with a set of crayons and yes, I can stay within the lines !  LOL    :smiley:

If not, then perhaps a message to mossmut for further consultations… … #msg152857

Too bad most of the local independent eateries suck!

  bullshit… try the little local cafe there on 3rd and second st. …sorry  the name is…just wait I’ll look it up…aah yes,
Prime Time Cafe, the owners make it all from scratch everyday, the soups are fantastic, and daily specials, baked good, homemade breads.mmmmmmmmmmm always full…
Cu’s steakhouse is always good too… nice people…
Have you gone up to Opa Sushi, awesome sushi, and atmosphere
So if Mcdonalds and # 1 fast foods is some peoples calling, your right where you should be.