New phones citywest

Citywest is getting the new bell phones withen days…
Anyone know which ones?

They’ll be the kind that ring, ring…

podunkain better watch what you say billy may think you are picking on him…LMAO

Stay away from the motorola q. I have one for work and its horrible.

My cel contract with citywest expires in June.  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with citywest or migrate to rogers.
What type of phone would you recommend?

I am by no means a phone expert but I have the Q for work and the battery life sucks, windows gets sluggish/crashes, It randomly reboots etc. By contrast my personal cell phone is a nokia 6103 and its been beaten dropped kicked fell in beer etc and is still ticking. Battery life is about 5 days - 1 week.

Thanks, jesus:-)
I know jack about cel phones.

Two problems with Citywest phones.

1.  Contracts

2.  Roaming sucks.

I’m trusting that billy, having wandered into htmf, has a sense of humour…

if not he’ll not last long in this vitrual wilderness… 

Agreed.  I’ll be curious to hear what rogers will offer me in June.  I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot on this phone.

Rogers contracts are even worse.

The nice thing is that with GSM you have 3 or 4 pay-as-you go providers to choose from, even if they also use the Rogers network.

Can you explain that a little further? If we have a Rogers network in town, who else could we purchase pay-as-you-go services from?

The nice thing about GSM is that your cellular identity is in the SIM card, which you can swap from phone to phone.  My iPhone currently has a Fido SIM in it, and it works just fine on the Rogers network.

There are 4 providers of “pay as you go” service that use the Rogers network:

Another benefit to you guys getting rogers is my cell phone will now work so you can text message me your hate mail.

LMAO :smiley:

I wonder if Citywest’s new (if 15-year old technology can be considered new!) data services will include inter-carrier SMS?

Right now you can send an SMS from Rogers to and from other carriers (Bell, Aliant, Telus, etc).  Will Citywest’s system allow that?

WTF is with the tone of all these posts? Is Citywest planning to keep the old analogues and not even do digital or something? Or is their PR dept so bad it hasn’t made any announcements that they’re upgrading?
Down in Vanderhoof the grump is that they’re finally getting rid of Telus analogue service and dozens of dinosaurs are complaining about being “forced to switch”.

Had a complete blockhead bug me several times now because he’s heard of AirCard, his laptop can surf the net via cell-link for ‘only $200 a month’. He bugs me because it doesn’t work 30 miles down the river in a gully where he decided to build his house.
He could get 2Mb service at his house from us for $39 a month, but “it won’t work anywhere”, and he’s too thick to understand you can just walk into a Starbucks, White Spot, McDonalds or stay at a hotel* somewhere else* and surf for free…

Thanks for that Mig. Ignorance truly is bliss. Seeing these pay-as-you-go options is getting me upset.  :angry:

Citywest is signing onto Bell’s cellphone network that way Bell can be coast to coast to compete against Rogers, hopefully Citywest drops Telus and uses Bell’s internet product because Telus still sucks and download speeds still go from good to bad with Citywest ugh

Interesting.  I’m not disputing your claims at all.  Do you have a press release to back this up?  Link?