New phones citywest

no just know a person that works there and that is what he heard

Bell is Telus out west. There’s a mutual sharing agreement for cell.
For data, Telus owns all the lines, Bell just leases. AFAIK they don’t offer those outside downtown Prince George yet.
Citywest’s DNS indicates their Internet is based on Navigata, not Telus.

I’m pretty certain that Citywest has Telus as an upstream provider.

When Telus was blocking a bunch of union sites, they were blocked for us as well.

Perhaps one of their DNS servers is on Navigata?

Very true, telus brings in all the bandwidth.

Navigata must lease microwave space from Telus (maybe now some fibre but I doubt it). They wouldn’t give a Navigata DNS on a Telus gateway.
You can find out by looking up your IP block, or tracert to something on Telus. = Telus server DSL = Telus fibre link = radio on Navigata microwave = =  Telus DNS = =  (both are old names. It is now officially SaskTel not Navigata or Westel or CNCP or BC Rail)